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What Is Love? - Part 1

By Christine McLean

Love is biology; love is a powerful neurological condition like hunger or thirst. The chemicals released through love, support love in its mission to bring growth, connection, passion and habitual expressions to one’s mind as from an evolutionary perspective. Love can be seen as a survival tool, a mechanism - that the body has created to evolve, expand and create from. Love is how we promote long-term relationships, bring what we desire to life and develop feelings of safety and security. From the moment of conception, the love within you is a blessing being brought into this world, you hold the energy of “love”. The heart is the first organ that appears as you manifest yourself into reality. The energy of the heart connects to your higher self, the self that understands your love and continues to share the wisdom of how love can help you to change and grow more confidently. The chemicals that are released through love hold the keys to achieving love as an abundance for life. Pheromones, dopamine, norepinephrine, serotonin, oxytocin and vasopressin. The heart is intelligent - that which feels good we become seekers off, that which feels bad we walk away from…

“Heart intelligence is the flow of self awareness, understanding and intuitive guidance we experience. When the mind and emotions come into coherent balance/alignment with the heart. The hearts energy then has the clear capacity to provide love from the universal source, into our life’s interactions in practical, approachable way to inform us of a straighter path to our fulfilment and joy."

Doc Childre, HeartMath Founder, Chairman and Co-CEO The heart has the answer to every question we hold as spoke of (your true vibrational frequency blog posted “Monday 4th & 10th May”).

We can enhance this theory of heart intelligence through daily practice, of sitting within the energy and feelings of the

- Heart of Love - and being present through meditation. Feeling the rhythm of the vibration of the heart is a continue flow of love in its purest form. Love will allow you to connect and conjure anything you so desire. Question for your diary, provoke the mind to think and reflect of itself, to discover your heart

What Is Love To You?

1, What is love to you in this moment, how does it look, feel, act in your presence? 2, Where do you see love in your life? 3, How can you create and give love daily to those you meet? 4, If love was a single image what would it like? 5, If love was a feeling what would it feel like? Your understanding of love is special and so are you x


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