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Do You Feel Overwhelmed ?

By Christine McLean

Every Monday Feature

Does life feel an uphill struggle day after day?

Do you always feel like you put in your best efforts yet tomorrow there's always another problem to content with?

Would you like to remove the problematic way of living to choose a simple way forward?

John F Kennedy once said:

"The paths we choose for the present living, is full of Harvard’s as all paths are. It's our job to create a peace not just for men and women of our time, but for men and women of all time."

Yet today we still live in a world that's always demanding action…

Here we are sat on the edge of our seats looking for great ideas, actions, movement, every single thing I do write and share can be analysed and questions but that’s a problematic mindset.

The truth is we are bombarded with information in every part of our life today, we have appetites that never let go and we find disatisfaction with all that we know.

But the real fact today is, that a lot of the problems we struggled in the 60”s are the same stresses we struggle with today.

Back in the 1960’s

Martin Luthur king said:

“I have a dream that one day my four little children will live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of there skin but by there character and kindness”

Yet today the wars still exist!

- Theres war on health

- Wars on lands

- Theres even a war on our souls today through technology….

Stress is causing each of us to hit rock bottom but eventually there will be a revelation, then we will be be ready to be liberated by life….

Now let me talk to you as an individual as family as my friends …..

I want to share an idea, One thats sweeping our nations through technology, just think

- Uber

- Google

- Airbnb

*Uber has made our journeys simple and effective all at the click of a button

*Google Brought us simplicity with the blank screen no fuse search engine

*And Air bnb can find you a room anywhere in the world, all that you desire with refreshing home living experience

“Business have succeeded through simple ideas that create success”

Today we are building a business called

- Bliss Sessions, it’s a safe and loving place to disconnect

This business provides

*Wellness- wellness that clears the mind

*Focus- that freshens your outlook on life

*Happiness- that lasts longer each time you come

*Beauty- that provides a space to find the beauty that starts with you

“I would like to show you within three seconds how you can calm your mind”

Lets share this together right now

Breath in slowly to a count of 5

Breath out slowly to a count of 5

Repeat these two steps 10 times

This is how simplicity starts first as we breath

*Bring fresh oxygen to the mind

*Bring new life to the body

*Bring you back home to you

⭐️ Lighten your load and direct your path through the art of simplicity, kindness and love ⭐️ Breathwork / Meditation / Mindfulness

Online / live and in person classes available let’s get connected 😃


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