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Essential Steps To Creating A New You

By Christine McLean

The term “burying your head in the sand” is used by many, and it is the most basic word phrase to describe how most of us live our lives. A high bill, a low grade, missed telephone calls, the feeling of betrayal in a relationship, we all avoid what could hurt us. What if we were to face what can hurt! Start speaking your truth. Start to take action. Your time is now.

Realisations are often seen as awakenings of truth versus lies, the mind has a habit of playing broken records within the mind so spending a little time looking at these patterns will create massive growth. I believe that facing your inner self is one of the hardest challenges we face, hence why so many of us consume alcohol, listen to loud music, work a 9-5 job and still take home unnecessary work.

Many people create drama. Involve ourselves in others’ lives to distract our minds and hearts from our own. Start asking for help...

There is no shame in needing guidance, there is no wrong in needing help. In fact, it is the greatest thing you can do. Accepting the world around you and the part you play. Start to understanding your feelings and emotions. Stop hiding from what you truly desire.

Life experiences change us, every day humans and animals are facing changes. If we observe animals and natures life cycle, we can notice ourselves as similar to nature too. A caterpillar for example will crawl the earth and live on flowering trees, they’d see beauty that we will never understand. Breathing fresh air, feeding from the earth. Sounds like the perfect carefree life doesn’t it. Then why the need for metamorphosis, why should a caterpillar change its life? Metamorphosis is the ability to evolve - to move from one way of thinking to or being into another.

Many of us that have achieved comfort with our lives often settle with just this. A job, a home and social life. Yet we still find reasons in this life that make us sad, we still struggle with what to wear and what’s next on the list.

A caterpillar changes into a butterfly because they have experienced the life of a caterpillar. They’ve experienced the ups and downs and the beauty that made that life so unforgettable that they wanted to change into greater.

Experience and life will teach us many things, we must take notice of what we learn and grow. Although a human life is more complex that’s a given, but no matter the life we live, once gratitude is expressed and practiced, what’s stopping you from becoming that butterfly?

You are the only person that can change your mind and way of thinking. I ask you to use that admirable strength you have, use it to change your life. Accept everything this life has to offer you by facing the inner questions? By listing your fears and taking them on one at a time.

If you leave the mind with unanswered questions? How are you going to change and achieve your current goals? Stop wondering, now is the time to take action.

Seven Ways To Letting go To Create A New You

- Move past the inner fears and doubts, for these are the obstacles that block your path through meditation.

- Express gratitude for the lessons and teachings of each struggle = mindful practices

- Create mantras that empower the mind = affirmations for purpose

- Direct yourself to achieve self goals, that motivate your mind and release you from thoughts that don’t develop love. = self love routines

- Learn to communicate your thoughts either through writing or -find a trusted friend to voice what you want ( give sound to your thoughts) = mindful motivation

- Create self loving practices that keep you feeling love= more self love - Love is the essence of all truth, find ways to come back to love. = BLISS


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Jun 15, 2021

Very good advice😁👍

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