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Breathing Is Believing In You

By Christine McLean

Focused breathing is the ability to promote breathing that brings your mind and body into a relaxed and easeful state. Learning focused breathing can enable you to move passed stress, anxiety, worry and fear giving you the space to make better decisions and have choice in your day.

The key tool to remember, more oxygen in the body leads to more time, and more time leads to a healthy mindset.

To change your thinking, is to focus all of your attention on the sensations of breath your feelings help you to connect to your breath. Just by observing the movement of the chest cavity and the oxygen both entering and leaving the body we can move from thinking to feeling.

Which Part of Your Brain Has More Energy?

Do you associate with thinking...

You are brief and concise. You are logical You are intellectually critical and objective. You are calm and reasonable

Feelings seem unimportant Emotions don’t count

Do you associate with feelings? Full acceptance takes time. You are personable and friendly You Demonstrate empathy with ease Ideas affect your feelings Your emotions are important

As we learn to observe our breath and observe our feelings, we create a focal point that indues deep and meaningful relaxation. The benefits of learning focused breathing can support the mind to relax and slow down cognitive thinking patterns. Enabling clarity and focus for long lasting health and happiness.

Try using an activating affirmation statement

“I have the ability to move pass thinking”

By repeating this statement daily, you can consciously set the intention to be present beyond your thoughts. I mean way past thinking - the mind and body is magnificent

-We think -We feel -We touch -We hear -We know -We sense truth and false statements

By focusing on this statement: “I can move passed thinking” for a day, week, or even a year, we can create a question in the mind - a question that runs continually - without thought.

QUESTION - If I move pass thinking what else can I experience.

Now before this confuses you all together I will give you a clue

When you move past thinking

-We feel more -We touch more -We hear more -We know more -We sense truth and false statements - Intuition starts to grow

Now before you get too excited, remember it’s all in rest it’s all in trusting not to think. Focused breathing can create a hypnotic state of consciousness that has a feeling of drifting off into meditation, helping you to recharge your mind and body. Research has shown that taking a breath in through the nose can regenerate you mind, emotional and physical health. Focused breathing can promote a healthy mind body and wellbeing - lets start breathing through our nose today.

In person weekly classes start Tuesday 7th June In Nantwich - Burland.


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