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The Power Of Breathwork

By Christine McLean

17 year of training but I chose breathwork as a career. A few years ago, I started to hear about breathwork practices, holding an engineering mind, I was fascinated by the gifts hidden within the mind and body, the gifts that we each held, that even we didn’t know about.

Through covid, I had become stuck in my thoughts , lost in my emotions and fearful of life and what may happen next. Losing family and loved connections and becoming increasingly less in my work and personal life, I felt like I was trapped between the rocks of society weighing down on my being and the rocks of my mind weighing down on responsibilities.

I started learning about healing modalities in 2004 I have spent 17 years studying practices like hypnosis, reiki, crystal therapy, quantum healing, spiritual healing, trans healing, Tantra, each has there own place in my learning development, but I couldn’t fully hold there gifts without learning to breathe. Learning with first birth in Evesham is given me the tools to turn on the light in my own body.

Breathwork teachings come from the free spirit scientists of 1930’s - Wilhelm reich and Leonard orr who where linked to sexual expression, repression and the release of neurosis illnesses through breath. There are studies found that through movement, sound, breath and free expression, develop confidence and we could heal pain, struggle and ill health.

Breathwork is out there, we dream, we cry, we stamp our feet we dance, we laugh, we jump with joy, to breathe the life force energy back into our bodies, to own the whole of ourselves not the part - it’s like waking up from a powerless dream a living illusion of lack of self. In this safe and supported environment we learn to feel our way through both our internal experience and our external experience, to feel the truth we hold in the present moment through expression.

Its like getting the direction needed straight from source or intuition - depend on your belief system. By acting out the experience of anger and joy, we release the truth and welcome more joy in bringing, more energy to our cellular DNA, waking up new sources of life that are within the cells. Breathwork, in all its forms, has gained a ton of credibility—and popularity—as a healing tool.

For more details check out - Nathalia Westmacott-Brown leader of first breath and writer off Breathwork: Use The Power Of Breath To Energise Your Body And Focus Your Mind (A Little Book of Self Care)

Use breathwork to transform every area of your life. Studies are revealing that, by changing the patterns of breathing, it is possible to restore balance to the stress response systems, calm an agitated mind, relieve symptoms of anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), improve physical health and endurance, elevate performance, and enhance relationships.”

Have you found your right dose of oxygen?


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