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Quick Tips ~ Do You Breathe Through Your Mouth Or Nose

By Christine McLean

About Christine

17 years ago I was in a car crash that left me with a serious brain injury where I had no understanding of how to function in everyday life, or support myself. I became suicidal and was placed on medication for over 8 years. While on medications I started to research self help books, healing techniques and undertook course to restructure my mind and start to heal my mind and life story and walk away from all medications . Today I offer mindfulness, meditation and breathwork classes both online and in person, to communities, charities and schools.

Life motto - rest, rejuvenate and education = a mind of wealth - live well, live happy.


Developing a healthy breathing pattern will bring more ease and relaxation to your day. It takes just ten healthy focused breaths to change everything.

= bliss.


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