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Manchester Mindfulness Festival

Seventeen years ago, Christine McLean was in a car crash that left her with serious brain injuries. Having no understanding of how to function in everyday life or how to support herself, she became suicidal and was placed on medication for over eight years. The damage caused part of the cortex communication system in her brain to stop working which resulted in episodes of PTSD, manic depression, bipolar tendencies and the possible onset of schizophrenia on top of all the physical injuries.

Christine has studied for 15 years and today offers Mindfulness, Meditation and breathwork sessions that can allow the regeneration of cells, establish new communication systems and rebuild the mind through creativity, play and meditation, both online and in-person, to communities, charities and schools. She facilitates fun and easy learning practices that can help people regain calmness, joy and confidence in their everyday lives. 🙏

Have you booked your ticket yet for the #manchestermindfulnessfestival?


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