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15 Wonderful Signs You Are A Natural Spiritual Healer

By Jacqueline Davieau ©

Every Sunday Feature

Hello you beautiful souls! I am reaching out to any and all, that believe they may be Natural Spiritual Healers. There are more of you out there than you may think. All around the world, Spiritual Healers are awakening to their gifts, and you may be one of them.

I began my journey of healing by becoming a Reiki Master Teacher, that then branched off to other avenues. Now I work with angels, and my clients loved one’s on the other-side during my treatments. By doing so I am able to heal not only my client’s energy field, but also give them a beautiful mediumship reading as well.

Healing takes place on multiple levels, physical, mental, and spiritual. I am looking for more healers to join me during a time that our world needs it the most. I want to take what I have been taught from the Spiritual/Angelic Realm and share my knowledge with you all. My goal is to bring more light to mankind, but I need your help.

So, maybe you are on the fence right now. “Am I a Spiritual Healer?”, or “Am I not a Spiritual Healer?”

I want to share with you all a few signs that you are a Healer and did not even know it. The first step to any Spiritual Development is to Acknowledge Your Gifts. Once you realize that you have the gift of Healing, we can begin to fine tune your skill, and you too can be a bringer of light to this world as well.

It is possible you are a healer and do not even know it!

It is true that many healers already know about their gifts or have “Awaken” to them. They understand their purpose and are actively helping mankind and the planet as we speak. But, what about the many of you that are not aware of your abilities yet?

For so many of you, myself included, I spent years feeling that there was something “Bigger Than Myself”, that I should have been doing. I felt a calling, and Spiritual Healing is a huge calling, but I just didn’t know what it was.

I felt a drive to help people, but how? What could I do to really help the people that needed it the most? This drive to want to help people landed me in a traditional job in healthcare, however, I felt there was more I could be doing.

Just like myself, many of you have jobs that help others, such as, nursing, therapy, or social work, to name a few. Although you are already doing an amazing job for mankind, you may feel you can be doing more.

You are helping on the physical and mental level, but are you ready to help on the spiritual level now?

Let’s go over 15 signs you are a Spiritual Healer. After you recognize that you are a Healer, then you can move to your True Life’s Purpose work.

What a Blessing that will be!

15 Signs You Are A Natural Spiritual Healer

  • You already work in a traditional healing field or have a family history of healing work. This can include physical therapists, veterinarians, massage therapists, doctors, and nurses. You have already been working to help others, and you excel at what you do. Helping others comes natural to you, and you love your work.

  • You are sensitive to other people’s emotions and you almost find yourself reading their thoughts. You can walk into a room and immediately sense the energetic vibration. Have people been arguing or are people excited and happy? You can pick up instantly on what has been going on in the room before you even arrived. When talking with others you can tell what they are thinking or what they want, without them telling you. It is extremely hard for anyone to keep anything from you because you can “Just Sense”, something is up.

  • This is one of the hard parts of being a Natural Spiritual Healer, one that I have had my fair share of. You have been through some difficult challenges in your life that have prepared you to help others with similar problems. Perhaps you have suffered great loss, abuse, or trauma that has shaped the direction of your life. For myself, I lost my first-born son. The pain that I have endured has been unimaginable, however, had I not gone through that I would not be able to utterly understand how badly my clients need healing. When we lose someone we love, the pain can only be healed on a Spiritual Level. If you have not endured such pain, how can you completely understand it?

  • This sign is much more pleasant, and one that I do adore. You love nature and feel most comfortable when you are outdoors. Your energy levels soar, your emotions are heightened, and you get lost in time. Nature is very healing, so it is perfectly normal for a healer to be in their natural element while outdoors. You may also get downloads of inspiration, guidance, and ideas, while walking in nature. That is your life-force Energy connecting to the Life-Force energy of the earth. It is very grounding and healing in itself.

  • You are a natural giver and are willing to do anything to help another out. This is something that usually starts as a young child. There is a strong desire to put others at ease and eliminate suffering. If someone is upset and there is something you can do, you do it without hesitation. You often act on these impulses, even when it means inconvenience or a loss of time on your end. You are kind and will always do for others.

  • You have vivid dreams that seem to connect to past or future events. Your dreams also seem to deliver a message either for yourself or someone close to you. It is extremely easy for you to remember key details of your dreams, such as colors, sounds, or even smells. During your time of sleep, you are connecting to the Spiritual Realm, and you are being guided towards your true calling.

  • This sign can be fun, or drive you nuts! Your energy can affect the people and the things around you. Your presence can calm people and your energy is infectious. People love to be around you. On the flip side, sometimes electronics tend to have a mind of their own around you. Lights may flicker, TV’s may change on its own, or your computer may freeze up. Your energy is contagious to those around you, and it may even out do electronics.

  • You prefer being alone at times, and that is OK. As a Natural Healer, your energy is often drained after social gatherings. This is because you are also an empath, and pick up on all emotions and energies, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

  • Everyone, particularly people you do not know, end up telling you their entire life story. People feel wonderfully comfortable speaking openly with you and tell you things they have not told anyone else. They will even say, “I don’t know why I’m telling you all this, but I just feel comfortable around you.” Your energy draws people towards you in a trusting, reassuring way.

  • Children and animals love to be around you. They feel natural and safe around you. They act different around you, they may calm down if they are overly excited or agitated, or become peaceful and fall asleep. In many ways you have a child like innocence about you as well, and children and animals can pick up on that about you.

  • You have frequent uncomfortable physical issues, such as headaches, sweaty palms and feet, indigestion, or shoulder and neck pain. Perhaps you also have a history of anxiety, depression, or panic disorder. This happens because you are an empath and have the ability to pick up on the physical feelings, or emotions of people around you. This can become overwhelming and uncomfortable. The good news is, that with some practice over time you will learn to tell, what are your own feelings, and what are the feelings you are picking up on from the people around you.

  • You have the ability to sense things that others cannot. You have been known to hear things, see things, smell things, or sense things, no one else seems to pick up on. Sometimes this perception might be clear, like a voice, someone’s aura, or a spiritual being in the room. At other times, it is a vague sensation that you cannot exactly explain.

  • It is easy for you to find alternative solutions to problems. You can find the good in almost any situation. You have an ability for making life easier for people and you rarely see things in just black or white.

  • You have a huge amount of empathy, sympathy, and compassion. Your heart aches when you see someone in mental or physical pain. Natural disasters feel like someone stabbed you in the heart. You find it difficult to watch the news or scroll through social media.

  • The idea of being a healer is extremely exciting to you. You have always been interested in learning about healers, trying out new modes of healing, hearing stories of healing, and reading books on it. Reading this right now, has given you a sense of excitement that you really are a healer.


If any of the 15 signs above sit well with you, I would love to work with you, guide you, and help you become a Spiritual Healer. The world needs as many healers as possible right now.

With a little hard work, belief, and gratitude, you can become an amazing Spiritual Healer. This is an ability we all have, all you must do is fine tune your skills, and believe in yourself, and I am here to help. I look forward to the new wave of Spiritual Healers that is to come, and I am beyond excited to see how you help mankind.

So Much Love,



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