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Since the release of her first Book, Inspiration from Above, Jacqueline Davieau has made it her primary focus to help other parents who are grieving. Her spiritual experiences have led her to a path in spiritual healing. She spends much of her time teaching others how to communicate with their loved ones, and how to notice the subtle signals that they give us on a daily basis. She continues to write about her experiences with her son in the Inspiration from Above series, Remembering Heaven, and Walking in Heaven. Jacqueline prides herself on always being available to anyone who is in pain. She can be reached at: Facebook & Email

The First Time I saw my Son in Heaven

Why does it take a tragedy to see the light? Do we have to sink down into the depths of darkness to seek the truth, the real truth? What would our world be like if we could all experience the pure beauty of our true home, of where we came from and where we are all going? I am talking about Heaven. I have always been a believer in God but it took a devastating accident for me to truly open my eyes. I never thought I would survive the death of my first-born son. My world was crushed and there was only one being that could save me - God. In my darkest hour he heard my prayers and my cries for help. Not only did he save my life, but he gave me a newfound purpose, an undeniable faith in where I will end up. I will be home again with my son Mario in Heaven!

This has been revealed to me and proven to be factual every morning that I continue to wake up. We are all shown proof of Heaven on a daily basis, but many do not take notice. The words I am about to share with you come from a place of encouragement, a new beginning if you will. The more you believe the more you will see! Keep an open mind and an open heart as you read what I am going to share with you. When you change the way you view the world, the first step to a spiritual awaking has begun. Challenge yourself to see life from a new perspective and begin to notice all the positive change that occurs. There is always something to be grateful for and always a reason to have love in your life.

I had my son Mario at an incredibly young age, actually I was still in high school. As he grew up I often times joked with him that we grew up together. Although I made fun of the situation there was a lot of truth behind my words. Not only was he my son, he was my best friend. When I got the call the night of September 30, 2015 that he had been instantly killed in a car accident my whole world was crushed. The pain and sorrow hit me down to my soul. I had no idea how I would get out of bed from day to day. Daily activities seemed impossible; I was going to die of a broken heart if something did not change. I became a shell of a human, walking around lost, in a daze of darkness. There were no words of encouragement that could make me feel better, no hope for tomorrow. I still have two younger boys that need their mother, what could I do?

There was a night that I am not proud of at all, but I believe it had to happen. Sleeping and eating became impossible for me to accomplish, I felt a sense of guilt if I did either of the two. My logic at the time was if my son cannot eat why should I? The same thought went with sleeping. My physical and mental state was fading fast. Sleep had not come to me for many nights due to grief and I was in no state of mind to be trusted alone. It was the middle of the night and my family finally found sleep. The house was completely silent, and I was alone in the darkness. Not only was the room dark but my mind frame matched. I was in my living room down on my knees crying uncontrollably, begging God to please take this pain from me. Gripping a framed photograph of my beloved son, gazing into his eyes, screaming for him to come home. Please just come home! A terrible thought crossed my mind, one that was out of character for me. It would be so easy for me to end my life at this very moment, end it all and join my son. I was hopelessly lost and got up from the floor to walk into the bathroom. I soon found myself reaching for a whole bottle of prescription pills and falling onto the floor. I felt stuck with an impossible decision to make. Should I leave this world to be with Mario, or should I stay here and raise Austin and Julian? No parent should ever have to ask themselves such a question. The tears began to pour down my face even faster. My heart was racing as I took the cap off the bottle. God, please forgive me, I no longer want to be here! The words were spoken out loud and from the bottom of my soul. My very soul was crying out for help, I was not going to survive another day.

This is the moment that changed my life, the moment that saved me. I heard a voice come from inside me. It was not my voice! It was a man’s voice that said, “I am with you.” The voice was stern yet peaceful, authoritative yet calming. The tears stopped for a moment and I had to ask, what? Once again, I heard the same voice speak, “I am with you.” It was as if my heart were speaking to me. In my hour of need God was there for me! After the second time the voice spoke to me I felt a warmness come over me. I did not see anything around me, yet I had an undeniable knowing of what exactly was going on. I felt a comforting hug as if angels themselves had wrapped their wings around me, and I know with all of my heart that is exactly what I had just experienced! Angels were with me!

I do not even remember getting up off the floor, but that night sleep finally found me. I woke up the next morning safe in my bed. For the first time since I lost my son, I had peace, a certainty that everything was going to be fine. At this moment I also knew that I still had especially important work to do and my purpose would soon become clear to me. The very next day I had my first vision of Mario in Heaven. These events are what I am about to share with you now. I pray that my words will bring you peace with death or comfort or any grief you may have.

What I am about to share with you is the very first vision I had of my son in Heaven. I have published two books full of visions since this beautiful experience, and I am currently working on my third book of the series. Inspiration from Above has helped countless people around the and is available on Kindle, please feel free to click the link below and download it. My son's wisdom is never-ending.

Inspiration From Above

The First of Many Visions

Presently, my family has experienced confirmations that Mario was safe and happy. We have heard his voice and each of us have had dreams that gave us peace and comfort. What happened next, I could have never expected or fantasize. The past few years I have been passionate about yoga and meditation. At first, I started taking yoga classes as a means to exercise, not thinking about the mental clarity it offer