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Grief With Grace

By Jacqueline Davieau

Every Sunday.

There is a club that I am apart of: a club that I never wanted to join, but somehow, I find myself as a chairman on the committee.

This club that I speak of, is the one of Bereaved Parents. It is a club that nobody wants to join, nor would I wish this club on anyone.

Over the years I have met the most amazing souls. These souls have seen the depths of Hell and have still been able to reach for the Light of God. In their deepest pain they relied on their faith and grew stronger for that.

I had the privilege of speaking with one of these souls the other day in a podcast interview. Lori Latimer is not only and Angel Mom, but a true Inspiration to so many of us.

Since she lost her beloved son, she has made it her purpose to help other grieving parents in her podcast Grief with Grace. I had the privilege to be a guest on her show and let me tell you it was like talking to an old friend.

Lori’s compassion and true understanding was heartwarming and refreshing. I highly recommend that all of you subscribe to her channel for past and future shows. I found much needed confirmations in listening to past shows she has available for us all to enjoy.

We spoke for an hour and so many spiritual topics were up for discussion. Just to point out a few:

  • Journaling to Remember

  • The human body as a conduit for spirit

  • Experiencing Jesus as a child

  • The steps we often miss when we pray

  • The importance of stillness and being comfortable in it

  • What my son taught me about feelings from spirit

  • Advice for those that do not believe they are receiving signs from their children or loved one’s spirit

  • How things manifest in Heaven

  • What happens to the soul right before we take our final breath of life

And so much more

I hope that you enjoy this Podcast as much as I did. I am confident that you will find peace with our experience and understanding of Heaven. Our Loved One’s are happy, healthy, and vibrant in Heaven, this is my promise to you all.

So Much Love,



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