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How I Connected To Heaven, And You Can Too

Written by Jacqueline Davieau ©

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The number one question that people ask me, is how I connect to my son in Heaven. Please let me be the first one to tell you, that I am not someone special, or a chosen one. This is an ability that we all have. Heaven is our true home, a place that we all vaguely remember. Maybe we have seen it in a dream, or felt it in a moment of bliss, either way it is a part of our lives. It is where we came from and where we shall return. For many years I longed to reach my Son’s spirit on demand, however that is not how it works. I would get so depressed when I could not reach him. Where did he go? Does my son not miss me? I was asking all the wrong questions; but more importantly I was feeling all the wrong emotions. How did I expect to go to a place of pure beauty and love, when my attitude was not in a beautiful and loving state of mind?

Heaven is not only a place where our souls go when we die, but also an emotional state of unconditional love. No negative emotions exist there, we leave all of that at the pearly gates so to speak. It took me many years to understand this concept, but my son was able to clear it up for me in one conversation. Since my son passed away he has been my number one spiritual teacher, giving me the most profound guidance and inspiration. I would like to share an experience with you all, one on how to connect to your loved ones in Heaven. I genuinely believe that my son’s words will fill you with a newfound hope and understanding. I hope that you enjoy this experience as much as I did.

Winter Walk

The voices are clearer for me to hear now. If the average person would say that to you, you would advise them to seek the help of a professional. For myself it has become the norm. Talking to the spiritual realm is tangible for us all, and I have spent the last five years working diligently on the gift. It is actually a birthright to us all, a gift that most of us have just not accepted yet. There are many of us awakening at this very moment to the gift, and it is life changing. It is March here in Ohio and the weather is just starting to break. Winter always seems to last forever, and cabin fever always sets in by this time of the year for me. It was Tuesday and lunchtime at work. Instead of grabbing something to eat, I wanted to go down to the park that Mario always went fishing. When I am here, I feel incredibly close to him. He spent many hours down on those trails with his friends over the years so it makes sense that he would still like to visit here. I put some earbuds in and put soft meditation music on, soon it became a walking meditation.

My body was moving but my mind was at complete peace. Being here at this park is bittersweet for me. I know how much Mario enjoyed it down here so that makes me feel close to him, but it also brings tears to my eyes because I miss him so much. My heart breaks for all of the goals that he made, his bond with his brothers and family, his friends, and his career he was only one semester away from achieving.

I often question why God would take someone with such potential away from the world so soon. WE NEED HIM! Negative emotions never work when you want to connect with spirits. I kindly reminded myself of that. I began to show gratitude for the years I had with my son.

“Thank you God, for allowing me to be his mother. Thank you for allowing him to be the best big brother in the world. Thank you for being a wonderful grandson and nephew to my family. Thank you for being a friend that anyone would be proud to have.”

By the time I had finished my apology to God, I found myself at the bridge where Mario use to fish near. I decided to stop and just watch the water flow down the river. Part of it was still frozen so big chunks of ice were colliding. It was beautiful. I always feel closer to God in nature, there is a natural life force energy in the air.

“I miss you Mario, I really miss you and so does everyone else.” I spoke the words out loud to myself.

“Mom, I am right here next to you.”

I could hear his voice clear as day. As if he were standing directly in front of my face. Although I could not see him, his presence was powerful, and I had no doubt in my mind that he was with me.

“Mom I had to go to Heaven first so our work would make an impact. People are accustomed to losing their parents, that is natural. But the loss of a child is a different story. This was our plan before we came into this lifetime. I am so sorry that you are in emotional pain on a daily basis, but it had to be this way. With me here and you there we are able to help so many people. We have already helped more people than you can even imagine. Had the roles been reversed and I was the one telling this story it would not have had the same impact. Trust me that I am always with you.”

Mario and I have had this conversation many times, actually countless times but I still miss him dearly. We do have an extraordinarily strong bond and I am grateful for that, but a mother needs to hug her child and tell him that she loves him. The majority of you reading this story can agree with how I feel.

"Mario, people always ask me how they can have the same relationship as we do with their loved ones. I know everyone can do it, and I always tell them to believe in the fact that they can, but what else do I need to tell them? I feel like something is missing.”

"One of the biggest problems is they look for their loved ones where they will no longer be. They will no longer be sitting on the couch in the living room or making dinner in the kitchen. People go to where their loved ones are no longer and all that does is cause them deeper grief. Grief is the hardest emotion to overcome, and it takes time, but as soon as someone can even distract themselves for a moment from the pain and sorrow things will begin to happen.”

"That makes sense. I never left your room the first few weeks. Your pillows still smelled like you and I would hold them and cry for hours. I was looking for you where I knew you would no longer be, and it was a living hell.”

“However, the first time you decided to get out of the house and do something positive for yourself and go to meditation look what happened. You temporarily distracted yourself from the pain and we connected. You found me in a place that brought your emotions to a higher level. So, tell people to stop looking for us where we no longer are, because we are in the places that bring you joy. We can connect to you when you are in a better state of mind.”

“You are right! You are always right. That first class changed my life. I knew that you were safe, happy, and loved. That moment saved my life.”

“Today is a good example. You were able to make yourself happy and peaceful, therefore it was easy for me to meet you. We do not feel pain or sorrow here, so it is almost impossible to greet you when you are in that state of mind. When your emotions improve it is closer to how we feel so it is easier for us to connect. It is all about equal vibrations, we have to be on the same wavelength. That is it! That is the big secret!”

We stood side by side on the bridge for another ten minutes before I realized I had to get back to work. I began walking the trail back to the car with my earbuds in my ears listening to calming music and taking in the conversation that I just had with my son.

I said the words out loud “If that was a real conversation please give me a confirmation. Please let me see a cardinal before I leave.”

“Mom, you have to take off the headphones to hear them singing. You have already walked past three of them.”

Immediately I turned the music off and took the earbuds out of my ears. I had only walked about ten yards when I heard the very distinctive sound of a cardinal singing. I stopped dead in my tracks to find where the sound was coming from. There he was, right above, a ruby red cardinal singing to my soul. This time my eyes filled with tears of happiness. I had gotten the confirmation I needed. This experience put into perspective how important it is to take care of our emotions. What we put out; we will get back. It is the golden rule.

This rule is crucial in communication with the other side. They are in our true home that contains no negativity so they cannot bring themselves down to a negative level. It is our responsibility to raise our emotions and vibration to reach them!

They are always willing to communicate with us but we have to reach them halfway. I know it feels like an impossible task while grieving. Just take it one day at a time. Try to incorporate one new positive thought into your mind, body, and soul each day. Each day that you do this you are one day closer to your loved one. They are eagerly waiting to talk to you. I promise they have much to say about their own personal Heaven and what is awaiting your return.

So Much Love,


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