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How To Spiritually Cleanse Your Home

Written by Jacqueline Davieau ©

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An Easy To Follow Guide

You do not have to be a mystic or have psychic abilities to do a spiritual cleansing on your home. This is a simple practice that anyone can do, and with time you will become a natural! All you will need is the proper tools, good intentions, and a strong mantra.

The world that we live in has become such a chaotic and stressful place. When we are home, we need to shelter ourselves from the negativity of the outside world. Our homes need to be our sanctuaries.

Thoughts Are Things

The first step before you perform a spiritually cleansing of your home, is to be mindful of what you are bringing into your home. When you bring gossip, complaining or criticism into your home, you are energetically embedding those emotions into your walls. If you had a bad day at work, or school, do your best to leave it at the door. When you bring negative emotions into your home, it is the spiritual equivalent of dumping a septic tank out in your living room. There will be negative crap EVERYWHERE! So, before we begin, this is your first step. Be mindful of the emotional energy you allow in your home.

Signs That You Need Your Home Cleansed

There are many reasons that negative energy builds up in your home. It can be our emotions, an illness, an argument, or now-a-days the Covid plague! There are a few definite signs that negative energy has built up, and your home would benefit from a cleansing. So how can you tell? Here are a few things you should keep an eye out for:

Stress and anxiety Unexplained Illness Arguments Unexplainable bad luck Fatigue Financial trouble Bad dreams Depression Lack of sleep Shadows Lost items This is just to name a few of the things that can go wrong when negative energy builds up in your home. Don’t freak out yet, acknowledging that there is a problem is a huge step towards fixing it.

Benefits Of Cleansing Your Home

Now that we have discussed everything that could go wrong, let's focus on what will go right. The benefits of burning sage cover our physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Purifying - sage is an antimicrobial. It clears out spiritual impurities, pathogens, and even insects.

Relieves symptoms - burning sage can help people that suffer from pet dander allergies, pollution, dust, or mould. It can be a true blessing for people who are suffering from asthma, allergies, or bronchitis.

Spiritual Tool - sage can enhance our connection to the Spiritual Realm and improve our intuition.

A Few Of The Physical Benefits

Releases stress Improves overall mood Improves sleep Increases cognition Improves energy

Setting Your Intention

Before you begin the actual cleansing of your home, you will need to set your intention. Setting your intention, is simply what you would like to accomplish from cleansing your home.

Do you want to remove the negative energy from your home? Do you want to bring positive energy into your home? Have you been sick and want to remove the old stagnant, ill energy from your home?

Your intentions can be anything that you want them to be. Just be clear and precise on what you want to achieve before you begin the cleansing.

Your Mantra

A mantra is simply a word or phrase that is repeated to aid in concentration or intention. Your mantra can be anything that you wish, a phrase of words that gives you power over your own home. I will give you a few examples of mantras I have used in the past.

“Negative energy may not stay I release it and send it on its way Negative energy I banish thee And is my word, so mote it be” “Smoke of air And fire of earth Cleanse and bless This home and health Drive away All harm and fear Only good May enter here” “I now release And send all Negative energy To the light” “Into this smoke I release All energies that no longer serve me All negativity that surrounds me And all fears that limit me” You can use any of these mantras, or you can make your own. Whatever you decide to use, remember you will be repeating it over and over again during the cleansing.

What You Will Need To Perform The Spiritual Cleansing Of Your Home

The items you need to cleanse your home are rather basic. You can find the items at a local metaphysical shop or online. A sage stick A seashell or ceramic bowl A feather

PRO TIP…..Before you begin the spiritual cleansing of your home, you should physically clean your home first. Remove any clutter or unwanted items.

Time To Sage

You have all the tools you need. You set your strong intention. You even cleaned your house. It’s time to begin the Spiritual Cleansing of your home.

You are going to open all the windows and doors in your home. This is going to allow the negative energy to be carried away during the cleansing.

You are now ready to light the sage. Let it burn for around 15 seconds or so. You want it to have red embers when you blow on it. (Make sure to have the seashell or ceramic bowl to catch the ashes, we don’t want to burn the house down.)

After your sage is burning, begin by cleansing yourself. Fan the smoke with the feather near your heart, head, and both front and back of the body.

You will be repeating your mantra the entire time of the cleansing.

You can make the route of your cleansing personal to you. I like to start at the top floor of my home and work my way down. You will enter one room at a time. Sage every corner, wall, door, and window. Before you leave that room shut the windows, sage around the door and then close the door. This is sealing the room off; it has been cleansed and no negative energy can get back in. You will repeat this process for every room in the home. Sage the room, close the windows, sage and seal the door. While repeating your mantra the entire time.

Spend extra time in the hallways, stairs, and areas in the house that are used more frequently than others. I like to do my living room last, because that is where we spend the most time, and also where the main door to the home is. When you are cleansing the last door in the home, visualize all the negative energy leaving your home with the smoke from your sage.

After this, seal the outside of the door. Use the sage stick and outline the entire door. For added cleansing you can walk the entire perimeter of the house with your sage in hand.

This process will become easier the more that you do it. Always remember that you are in control of the energy in your home. With your strong intentions you can make your home a peaceful place.


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