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Solitude From A Different Perspective.

About Tejal

Tejal Kutarekar

Hey Soul Tribe,

It's Tejal Kutarekar here.

Heartfelt Namaste to all!

I am a Certified Life Coach by Profession & at Heart, I am a Writer.

I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to pair up my passion for coaching with my inner desire of writing with the help of my Follow Your Path Life Coaching Venture.

There was a time when I was a wanderer in my life. I was confused about what I am really good at and how I can serve my best to those lovely souls who need clarity, direction, guidance in their lives. Being nomadic is a journey worth living because I think all wanderers are not those who are lost.

One day, there was a "Eureka!" moment for me when I realized my inner calling, desire, capability, potential to bring forward my best when it comes to helping my soul tribe.

Follow Your Path is dedicated over a year now to fulfil my wish of life coaching & to help those who are destined to cross their paths with me.

I have been a writer for over a decade now and more than a year as a Life Coach. I have been investing my learnings to research more and more about simplified life coaching. This journey of mine will never end as it's my never-ending thrust for acquiring knowledge and learning new things by researching, reading, observing & experiencing life.

I will be forever grateful to the invisible force around me and the universe for always holding my hand and taking me on the right track of life when I seem to be off-track a bit.

I am thankful to the E2E platform for giving me an amazing platform to share my content and to learn from other beautiful souls.

Forever Love to all!


Before I start curating an article let me confess that we all have different views, opinions, understanding of the word 'solitude'.

Therefore, I would love to jot down my views, opinions, understanding of 'solitude'. Maybe some of you may not agree with it and that is appreciable by me. Respecting each other's views, opinions, understanding is the main foundation of whatsoever write-ups we all bring forward for the benefit of people around us as a part of unity. Hence, do not hesitate to share your views and stories about solitude in the comments. I would love to hear from you about that. My solitude journey started from my childhood. I used to play home-home with my little kitchen set day and night. Arranging the kitchen, making recipes in those small kitchen utensils, cutting veggies, pouring tea in pea-sized cups, and serving them to my parents with fascination. My illusionary thought of 'actually setting up my home" and taking responsibility for all my chores used to be a very involving and satisfying feeling for me. There was something special about my native place. My childhood native place memories are still alive in the storeroom of my heart. One by one some memories are going to flow here like a river. I remember, my barefoot walk on the seashore in the evening, sitting on the sand and watching the colorful sky with the vibrant sunset. Sitting aside a big well, throwing stones in the water just to see wavy patterns on the surface of the water. Farm roaming with my grandpa, asking him questions about how flowers and fruits grow on the plants, and his tireless answers used to keep me engaged and tangled with my deep bond with him. My grandmother's magical head massage used to be a very enchanting experience along with her storytelling skills while enjoying my mindful *Champi session with her. My walk in the *baug along with standstill trees, stream water sound and leaves falling with a mighty wind...Everything used to feel lyrical...in tandem with my heartbeats. Have you ever mindfully heard the sound of crushing dried leaves? I have heard that many times while embracing the jungle trail with my beloved mother nature during my childhood. Late-night ghost stories with cousins on the roof of my native home and running downwards as if we all are in the race with a fear of being the last person in the queue once the storytelling is over. Some memories were created with others and some with my inner self. I was counting my blessings. I was feeling the warmth of the moments mindfully. I was just me even in the busy world around; in the hustle-bustle; in the rush. I was still enjoying my company when I was among others and when I was not among others. I was creating beautiful memories to cherish forever. Memories of solitude with absolute mindfulness with myself. After 29 years when I decided to retrospect, I understood, I was practicing solitude with complete mindfulness but unknowingly unconsciously.

"Solitude doesn't mean separating yourself from the people around you. Solitude means finding and connecting with yourself even in the busy crowd."- Tejal Kutarekar

I motivate you to figure out your understanding and definition of solitude. I know, the solitude story is different for everyone. So, I decided not to pinpoint the so-called steps for solitude. The same steps never work equally for everyone.

This was my unique take to jot down how I considered solitude so far.

Before winding up my curation, I would love to talk about one concerning thing that I observed when it comes to solitude. Hence, I decided to take the opportunity to address my concern here. Sometimes we do need our own space, privacy to get over overwhelming experiences that we face in life but It comes with the responsibility of knowing the healthy boundaries. I have seen people not understanding the slightest difference between solitude and isolation. Some people just consider these two things the same. Solitude is all about maintaining our authenticity and genuineness among people, knowing ourselves better, and not isolating ourselves from the crowd. My concern area is when I see people isolating themselves from human interactions in the name of solitude. This may hamper the emotional and mental well-being of a person. Therefore, understand the fine line between solitude and isolation to practice solitude and not to distance yourself socially from your loved ones and society with isolation. With this, I would like to close.

Enjoy solitude in your way and not the way others enjoy it. I shall see you with the next article. Namaste * Champi - Head massage with oil. * Baug - Sort of garden where big trees are planted and grown.


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Akshay Malvankar
Akshay Malvankar
Feb 20, 2022


Tejal Kutarekar
Tejal Kutarekar
Feb 21, 2022
Replying to

Thanks a lot Akshay for the feedback! 🙏

Have an Amazing day!💫



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