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Hey Soul Tribe,

It's Tejal Kutarekar here.

I am a Certified Life Coach by Profession & at Heart, I am a Writer.

I consider myself lucky that I got an opportunity to pair up my passion of coaching with my inner desire of writing with the help of my Venture,

💖 Follow Your Path ~ Email - based Simplified Mindset & Self- Love Life coaching for Women as well as online shop for interesting worksheets curated by me after a lot of study, experiences & observations. I am really good at these!😉

There was a time when I was a wanderer in my life. I was confused about what I am really good at & how I can serve my best to those lovely souls who need clarity, direction, guidance in their lives. Being nomadic is a journey worth living because I think all wanderers are not those who are lost.💫

One day, there was a "Eureka!" moment for me when I realized my inner capability, potential to bring forward my best when it comes to helping my soul tribe.

Follow Your Path is dedicated over an year now to fulfill my wish of life coaching.

Visit my FYP venture to know more,


Thank you Universe for Showing my Destined Path!🧿🙏

Tejal Kutarekar

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