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How It All Started

Marc Chabrier ©

Ridiculously Enjoy Life! What are we, what do we do, and how did we get started? Such a beautiful and flavorful name for a company, huh?! But why in the world is it so long? Really, it’s a long freakin name for a business. Not to mention many people seem to have an issue spelling it. Tough, it’s staying!

The way I came up with the name itself was during a difficult period of my life. At the time my physical health wasn’t good at all. I was physically fit but I had a lot of previous battle damage from when I was younger and to top it off I developed a lot of back issues. Lots of discs were going bad. Like really, really bad.

Next, the dark cloud of the marriage I was in hadn’t gotten better in a long time. I mean this dark cloud had been dumping lots and lots of chaos for a long time and my brain thought that I could fix it and get back on track. The flood level just kept rising and the love was totally lost. Folks, if you are in a relationship with someone and the love is gone, don’t just let time go by.

You either fix it as a team or rip the bandaid and move on. There is no sense in waiting half a decade or more and not finding resolve or resolution. Both parties need to be a part of the solution. I didn’t understand this because most of my life I was a people pleaser. I have a good heart and I only try to seek the good in people. That can really be a recipe for disaster when the other part of the relationship are narcissistic type people. Energy and happiness vampires.

Additionally, I had two amazing kids in the mix. My girls are the coolest thing I have ever created. When there are kids involved things can get dragged along because we have this sense of belief that we can fix things and do it for the sake of the children. Sadly, the kids see the negativity and can very likely emulate their environment in their own lives later down the road.

Trying to patch things up throughout just didn’t work. It was truly like putting a bandaid on oil. It ain’t gonna stick folks. With that grand realization, I was just kind of in existence mode for several years and my brain just came up with the saying, 'Ridiculously Enjoy Life!' I think to me it was my replacement saying for, “Fake it til ya make it!” Yes, I actually used to say that for many years.

Ridiculously Enjoy Life was my safety line. It was there to be a filler or as a buffer for my discontent life at the time. Just stringing along with no rhyme or reason other than to appear to be on the happiest side. It started creeping into my social media posts as a hashtag from vacations with the family that was partly amazing. The me and my girls part of course! We always have fun and create laughter wherever we go.

Then finally the bottom dropped and the marriage was over. Finally! Relief and tranquility started peaking through and it was time to put Ridiculously Enjoy Life into real action in my life. The saying became my wonderful sign of hope. The sign of true happiness and bliss that was coming my way. For the past seven years, I have been able to rise up and create who I am now.

I created the saying out of necessity, then migrated it into a business! It was the building blocks of what I needed in my life. At first, it was definitely for survival, then it transformed into thriving! The business is now designed to help others recognize their individual potential and fabricate their own path in the healthiest way possible. Each of you is capable of becoming your great self you just have to give yourselves the opportunity. Build, grow, and learn about yourself so you yourself can do more, be more, and go beyond just surviving. Thrive, and Ridiculously Enjoy Life!

Pass it on!


I am now finally thriving after so many years of having a mediocre life. Ok, wait I can’t really say that my life was a mediocre life because it wasn’t. I have been able to do, see, and be a part of so many amazing things in my life that not many others do. There is a lot to be extremely grateful for! I was just with someone who sucked the oxygen and life out of me. I allowed it and it took me a long time to figure it out. Please do yourself the favor of severing the ties that are no longer present.


About Marc

Hi, I’m Marc! Father, photographer, exotic car lover, progressive learner, and an all-around good guy with a cartoon-like personality.

I am so glad you arrived here! If you are present and accounted for because you are looking to create a better life for yourself than you are in the right spot. At Ridiculously Enjoy Life we help you learn how to achieve happiness in your life in different ways. When I started this journey, it began out of necessity. My life was crazy, man! I now have been able to transform myself into the person I want to be.

Helping others makes me happy and by creating Ridiculously Enjoy Life, it has given me the opportunity to help on a grander scale.

Help me help you, so we can help each other.


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