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Passion = Energy

Updated: Feb 25, 2022

By Marc Chabrier ©

The big thing going on these days is people in search of their passion. “I don’t know what my passion is.” Well, I believe you should stop searching for it. Let it come to you naturally. It’s important to let it go and just reflect on the things that give you energy. Over time it will come to you if you are open to it. Surrender the old, absorb the new.

I also believe that the passion shouldn’t be forced because it just wouldn’t be real and organic. Doing your internal work will absolutely go a long way towards uncovering your true life passion. By working on yourself you will be able to understand who you are and what you’re about. The unnecessary stuff will fade away and then the door will open with clarity. Pay close attention to where your attention goes. Passion = Energy

9 Cool Tips On How To Let Your Energy Turn Into Your Passion

1. Work on different things that expand your mind. Seek as many outside resources as possible and develop a craving for learning. You can never fill up your mental library so don’t be afraid of soaking things up.

2. Curiosity leads to passion. Be curious, be ever-evolving. Things will start to unfold in time so don’t force it.

3. Define things that you are afraid to share. Many people keep things close to them which means a lot because we may worry about being judged or for others to look down on us for our choices.

4. Try to work problem-solving. Find something cool and try to figure it out. Dig in and have fun with it. I have mostly made this a way of life in everything I do. Problem-solving expands our minds and our internal beliefs. Self-confidence becomes the byproduct.

5. We focus too much on what we want to be vs who we want to be. This is a big one because what we want to be is a preconceived image of ourselves. The who we want to be is an internal process that is way more fulfilling in my opinion.

6. Understand that time will keep going, there is no pause button. Do not wait another day for self-discovery. Get to it and let the goodness flow. I promise it will be so rewarding.

7. What would you do and love every day even if you were failing?

I have finally realized that I have been doing this all along and it’s actually a very cool feeling. I feel less stressed about all the other stuff. This in turn has allowed for more opportunities to come along. Bonus! - Tom Bilyeu

8. If you live a passion-filled life you actually live longer. This means so much to me and I really like the idea of being 100 and still having a big smile on my face!

9. Problem solving and purpose finding. Over time the more problem solving we do the more we fine-tune our likes and dislikes. Just weed out the junk that doesn’t fulfil you and set the leftover goodness into that mental toolbox.


Don’t stress about what your passion is if you haven’t found it. Do the internal work that’s needed for the clarity to arrive. Once you have clarity it makes it way easier to see what are the things that energize your soul. Then you can finally say that you know what your passion is.


Do you know what your passion is? Where is your energy going and for what purpose? Is it worth it? If not, perhaps your energy is being misdirected because you haven’t done enough internal work. Good luck.


About Marc

Hi, I’m Marc! Father, photographer, exotic car lover, progressive learner, and an all-around good guy with a cartoon-like personality.

I am so glad you arrived here! If you are present and accounted for because you are looking to create a better life for yourself than you are in the right spot. At Ridiculously Enjoy Life we help you learn how to achieve happiness in your life in different ways. When I started this journey, it began out of necessity. My life was crazy, man! I now have been able to transform myself into the person I want to be.

Helping others makes me happy and by creating Ridiculously Enjoy Life, it has given me the opportunity to help on a grander scale.

Help me help you, so we can help each other.


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Feb 11, 2022

Very written article with great pieces of advice😊👍.

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