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Stop, Get Up, Do It.

Marc Chabrier ©

Are you the type of person to want to do something or need to do something? For whatever reason, you don’t or you completely stall on it? Yes, lots of people are that way at some point or another. It’s important to check yourself and make sure it’s not a characteristic trait. If it is a part of your trait you may never do the things you really want to do. Stop, get up, do it.

Lately, I am hearing more people who are having trouble trying to get going with projects. Why? It seems some are so tightly wound up in the logistics of things that they can’t get through it. I personally am one who prepares a lot ahead of time. I like to do research and explore possibilities in my head. But at what cost?

Sometimes in the past, I got so wrapped up in the thinking process that I got started late. Overtime the over-analyzing and the processing can get so overwhelming that it can literally sabotage you from any progress. I will say I think that it’s important to have a vision and expand on it. Be mindful of how that process worked out for you in the past. There may be clues on how to attack it in the future.

When I started my online business I had absolutely no idea how that would work. I was confused about all the little pieces that needed to go together to make up a site, the structure, the payment system, and all that jazz. I knew myself well enough to know that I just needed to stop thinking, get up off my butt, and do it right away. So I did.

I decided to form the business first and make it official. It took very little time, which in fact inspired me to do the next thing. Then I jumped further into the other pieces of an online business. In my business world face to face was all that I knew since I was 10 years old, so I would have to learn all the behind-the-scenes stuff along the way. I realized learning things along the way was the best thing for me because it put my feet to the fire. (Actually, I believe that learning things along the way is the best practice regardless) I had to get going and make progress.

It became a game to me and I loved fitting things together. I spent hours at night messing around with the different site tabs and features to see what seemed cool to me. Yeah, I knew nothing about the online world but I just did it. So many of us are worried about the what if’s and I think that can really be crippling if we don’t just make a decision to do it already.

**Full Disclaimer – Yes there are some things we really need to do deep dives on before we start, such as high voltage electrician work! My true story about that was that I just did it anyway to problem solve for a business that was having neon sign issues. And yes I absofreakinlutely got zapped! Like for real, but I think part of my defective side liked the crazy feeling. So, I kept doing it and ultimately started working in that field.


Don’t let fear, doubt, and hesitation hold you back from getting started. Just do it even if it’s a little piece at a time. Those little pieces will come together for you so please don’t overthink it.

Stop, Get Up, Do It! Good luck!


About Marc

Hi, I’m Marc! Father, photographer, exotic car lover, progressive learner, and an all-around good guy with a cartoon-like personality.

I am so glad you arrived here! If you are present and accounted for because you are looking to create a better life for yourself than you are in the right spot. At Ridiculously Enjoy Life we help you learn how to achieve happiness in your life in different ways. When I started this journey, it began out of necessity. My life was crazy, man! I now have been able to transform myself into the person I want to be.

Helping others makes me happy and by creating Ridiculously Enjoy Life, it has given me the opportunity to help on a grander scale.

Help me help you, so we can help each other.


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Feb 18, 2022

Well written😊👍!

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