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You Are Safe

by Serena Jones ©

You Are Safe

It’s 7am – it’s already begun.

You wake with a startle

Your heart beating faster

A power struggle

To see who is the master

All anxious and nervous

No fault of your own

The alarm doesn't help

Vibrating on your phone

Your body reacts

Your muscles getting tighter

Head verses heart

The oxygen is lighter

You lay there rigid

Trying to control your breath

I grab your hand

A steady anchor

I help talk you down

A helpful distraction

A calming voice

An inner strength

Tethers and grounds your body

From this grievous intent

For a few minutes more

We lay there silent

But in contempt

Fresh from your sleep

The consciousness awakens

Nothing you can do

Except go through the motions

I constantly tell you

Let go of your worries

Make your mind free of fear

Know that your loving angels

Are so very near

The body contracts

It wants to free

Itself of toxic energy

It needs to expel

As nausea approaches

And with a couple of retches

It’s out!

There lies the anxiety

An invisible enemy

That is shared in society

Your warrior spirit

Never ceases to amaze me

You are safe

You breathe in a sigh of relief

Your heart beat returns to a normal pace

The anxiety all packed away

In Archangel Michael’s suitcase

You're free when you're fearless

Spirit protection is flawless

Only Love and Light

From this moment forward

You dress for work

And nobody would know

Just what you have to go through

Another battle lies conquered.


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Oct 04, 2021

Very well written😁👍❤.


Emotionally descriptive, body versus mind and emotions, all wrapped into one 💌

Very well actualized 🌟

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