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I Saw A White Feather

Serena Jones ©

About Serena

I’m an empath with all these traits: highly sensitive, absorb emotions, introverted, highly intuitive, replenished in nature, highly tuned senses, huge heart but sometimes give too much, animal lover, earth lover; my passion is to write about spirituality and share my experiences with like-minded people.

I am a Taurus and share my birthday with David Icke. I’ve been sensitive to communicating with Spirit since I was very young and yes, I believe in angels and Spirit guides. I see number sequences and images.

I have two adorable autoimmune diseases, I call Addisons and Hypothyroidism and we have shared many a staycation with the NHS. Aged 22 and 12, they come with me everywhere! Since having these two adorable friends, all of my senses have heightened and I am more in tune than ever.

I love all things abstract, asking questions rather than searching for answers and my mantra is to tell myself every day that “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I meditate everyday as I need the ‘grounding’ and I walk in the countryside with my 22 year old daughter, whenever we get the chance. What kept me sane throughout lockdown was listening to Alan Watts’ podcasts everyday.


I Saw A White Feather

I saw a white feather, floating down by me.

Instantly I knew it was a privilege to see.

A door opening wide into infinity.

I pondered and sat quietly for a while.

My third eye, it began to dial.

Images came through, from a universal depth,

As I waited patiently, for the messages to intercept.

Making no sense to me at all,

I wondered if I’d made the right call.

All a puzzle to the untrained eye,

I’m asking questions, but mainly why?

“Because you can” I heard a voice sigh.

Messages from loved ones, you don’t have to buy,

Go forth and tell others – there is instant hope.

You’re not on your own, you don’t have to cope.

Rejoice in the good times and not in the bad.

Life is for living, no point in being sad.

We are with you in your time of need,

Just plant the seed and then believe.

We will send you signs from up above,

The symbols you find, a little piece of heavenly love.

You are the answer, you are the key.

With your bestowed gift, we will make you see.

Others will come, they will seek and find

The messages you have to help heal their mind.

Their heartache and sorrow

Will fade silently into tomorrow

A light much brighter will beam bright instead,

Just from a message, retrieved from the dead.

A burden no more and no words left unsaid.

Peace and joy lies waiting instead.

For I am safe, up here in heaven

Carry on with your own life

Courageously and in my succession.


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🌟 Beautiful, healing, serenity 🌟

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