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A Day In The Life Of An Empath

By Serena Jones ©

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience”

Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


About Serena

I’m an empath with all these traits: highly sensitive, absorb emotions, introverted, highly intuitive, replenished in nature, highly tuned senses, huge heart but sometimes give too much, animal lover, earth lover, my passion is to write about spirituality and share my experiences, with like-minded people.

I am a Taurus and share my birthday with David Icke. I’ve been sensitive to communicating with Spirit since I was very young and yes, I believe in angels and Spirit guides, I see number sequences and images.

I have two adorable autoimmune diseases, I call Addisons and Hypothyroidism and we have shared many a staycation with the NHS. Aged 22 and 12, they come with me everywhere! Since having these two adorable friends, all of my senses have heightened and I am more in tune than ever.

I love all things abstract, asking questions rather than searching for answers and my mantra is to tell myself every day that “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience, we are spiritual beings having a human experience” - Pierre Teilhard de Chardin

I meditate everyday as I need the ‘grounding’ and I walk in the countryside with my 22 year old daughter, whenever we get the chance. What kept me sane throughout lockdown was listening to Alan Watts’ podcasts everyday.


A Day In The Life Of An Empath

Supermarket Shop

Lights too bright.

Noises too loud.

I am not on this earth plane –

but surfing on a cloud.

I’m now on the outside,

with nowhere to hide.

Each one of my senses

In overdrive.

Interacting with ‘Norms’,

Just ain’t plain sailing –

My own energy already fading.

I swear they look at me with foreign eyes

That will be my aura, it tells no lies...

I’m picking up their feelings

of happiness, sadness, frustrations,

discontent, anger and despair.

I avoid eye contact;

I just want to do my supermarket shop.

I’m trying not to care.

I’m a wreck, so tired, you see:

A natural problem solver, a giver,

A listener, a counsellor; that’s me.

They seek and they find,

Trying to penetrate my mystical mind.

If I just had enough hours in the day

For our energies to bind...

I am an introvert at heart,

Finding pleasure in being alone.

My energy depletes if I go anywhere near my phone.

I am sensitive and stimulus is not my friend.

People in general, send me round the bend!

I’m perceived as different, weird or odd,

Because I love nature and give Spirituality the nod.

I love wide open spaces with the weather on my face.

Life has to be ordered and much slower paced.

I get people-poisoned, every time I go out.

Energy vampires always lurking about.

My brain reacts differently to the human ‘norm’;

All the ingredients cook up the perfect storm.

It’s the fear of small talk that makes me anxious;

Having to pretend that you are on the same page,

When all you can see is a big neon sign

Flashing negativity.

They whinge and they moan, targeting their groans;

Talking about what they’ve not got.

Materialism; that’s what makes them rot.

Grey, that is the colour they are:

The Living Dead! Spiritually, they have not explored.

Fast paced, all have something to do

But no time to wonder about the miracles of life.

Instead, choosing to live on the edge of a knife.

But there is no explaining to them

That they are not in control.

It is the vast Universe that is captain of their soul.

Still, they march on to the unknown

Comparing and contrasting, instead of just sitting alone.

If only they realised that life is so simple,

Just breathe - that’s all you have to do -

Lie back and enjoy the ride.

The worry won’t help you out,

it will just eat you alive.

But they don’t want to walk that road

They just want to emotionally unload.

I stand there vacant but still nodding my head

To all of their gestures and words left unsaid.

I’m a born truth seeker, I can’t let this go on.

My chakras are screaming ‘help’ - let us get on.

It’s time to drop anchor and ground myself

To the Earth’s plane. My energy is zapping –

Their words starting to wane...

My stomach is like jelly and my legs are like lead.

Other people’s thoughts rushing through my head

I'm an empath, it’s not always, easy for me

Steer clear of people, that is the key!


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Amazingly insightful, beautifully written into words x


Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Sep 27, 2021

Very well written👍😁.

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