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Where The Hell Is Forgiveness

Healing comes from within.

Be loved. Feel safe. Have stability

When we go through tough times that are stressful or hurtful, the scars from those connections leave a mark. ...and our lives start to unravel.

Written by Christina Moore ©

Hey! I'm Christina

I'm an advocate for healing, dedicated to helping you understand and let go of your past trauma and dreadful experiences. I know what it feels like to want to be loved, feel safe and have stability in a relationship. I was once there myself. I had a broken heart that needed mending. I was terrified. I felt like I was alone walking in darkness in a tunnel. Seeing the light shine in my life after emerging from that tunnel, I found the power that I needed. When I spoke the words of healing, the false beliefs of negative thinking ceased. With my confidence growing, I started to heal.

As a result of my challenging relationships, I decided to become a relationship coach to provide support and guidance to others. I became curious what makes people genuinely happy in their relationships. How can one be emotionally fulfilled? It's like destiny has brought me here.

I have been a motivational speaker, giving encouragement and strength, to colleagues, patients, and caregivers. My nursing experience of 30 years has enabled me to offer healing hands for the physical body. It's been my mission to help others feel their most expansive selves through emotional healing, mental clarity and empowerment. It isn't uncommon for both men and women to handle things on their own. But very painful incidents can be overwhelming and triggering. I need you to know that when you are stuck with a relationship breakdown or struggling with your experience, you do not have to figure it out on your own. I can help.

Much love,

Christina Moore


Kaboom! That's the sound of war going off in your head from betrayal. The blood comes flooding into your head; you start feeling hot all over your body. Your throat becomes dry; your palms begin to sweat. You can't think right from the anger. All you can see is red in your vision. You're pacing back and forth, confused at what to do. How could someone I trusted betray my trust? This person has pierced a knife right through to your soul the pain, oh my, the pain it is horrible, the worst pain you have ever felt in your life. You will never be able to forgive this individual for betraying your trust.

Was the betrayal infidelity, stealing, or a trusted secret? Whatever kind of betrayal, trust is damaged. Carrying around anger is toxic. You are irritable. It causes anxiety. You can have a heart attack. To let go of the irritation you are carrying around for someone, you must forgive the individual that has hurt you. I am not saying you have to allow this individual back into your life, forgiveness is the only path. Compassion is the key to the answer. Try looking at the individual through a different perspective to justify what caused the person to betray you. Doing so will give you a better knowledge of the individual when you have an understanding. You develop empathy and compassion for the individual that had betrayed your trust. Forgiveness will allow you to move on so that your heart can mend.


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