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Where Are We At With Humanity?

Marc Chabrier ©

Where are we with humanity? We have been disconnected for a very long time. I would love to be able to contribute to reconnecting with one another even a fraction of a percent. It’s a start regardless. My biggest passion is helping others and I believe that it is very important for all of us to connect with one another.

I want to discuss what’s been going on lately around the country. Let me be more specific. I would like to discuss racial equality or the lack thereof. This actually didn’t just start in the last month or so, it has been going on for many moons.

Why do people still have hatred towards other races? Was it real experiences or just learned reactions from parents, other family members, or others around us? Regardless of where it came from, I believe it’s well past time to move on in a new direction.

If there were really negative experiences, do you believe it had something to do with the color of skin? Seriously, why would color make any difference? Don’t you think it could have just been a bad person and not a whole race of people? Martin Luther King Jr said that people should be judged by the content of their character and not by the color of their skin. I couldn’t agree more!

There are good people in every shade of color, in every walk of life and we should always seek the goodness in one another. There truly isn’t a better time than right now to change who we are as people. Most would start off with a reaction of, “Hey, I’m not racist so this doesn’t affect me.” Well, even if you aren’t racist, I think it’s important to stand up for others. It’s great that you don’t judge others by their skin color, but we need to truly connect.

How can we connect with the black community? This is a difficult way of positioning a question. I am not a fan of specifying any type of community. We are all people, but we need to get on the real with what’s going on. What’s the title of your movie?

Our hearts should be open and we need to listen to the experiences of others that are being looked down upon for the color of their skin. We need to share how we feel as well and we need to understand where someone has been so we know where we are going.

It really has to be quite devastating to be out and about in the real world and feel that others are looking negatively at you based on your skin color. Being Latin, I have experienced being looked at differently many times and I can truly understand. It isn’t about me or my culture right now. It’s about black people.

And that leads me to the “All Lives Matter” response to the “Black Lives Matter” movement. I am very frustrated because I understand why people would respond by saying “All Lives Matter,” but what I believe is being misunderstood is that the people for “Black Lives Matter” aren’t saying that other people don’t matter, but by average, other people aren’t being affected in the way they are. They deserve racial equality.

We really need to find a way to connect and grow with one another!


We have failed humanity by allowing racism to continue. I do believe that people are entitled to feel however they want, but I don’t think that racism is just. No-one is bad because of the color of their skin, so we need to move on and find the goodness within one another.


How can you help with connecting with the black community? It doesn’t matter whether you are white, black, or any other skin color. What ideas do you have that we can work on?


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