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What To Do During Your Period Of Waiting

By Olayinka Asaolu

Waiting can mean different things to different people. For some, it might mean staying in a place until an expected event happens, while for others, it might mean remaining inactive and maintaining repose. But generally speaking, waiting simply means that you are pretty certain that an event will occur, but you don’t know the time or period when such an event will happen. Our expressions differ, as do the things we wait for. People wait for several things, ranging from jobs, life partners, kids, etc. However, it can be rightly said that the waiting room has got to be one of the longest rooms anyone can ever stay in. This is because waiting can be pretty hard.

However, you can make your waiting period worthwhile by committing to doing the following;

1. Keep A Positive Attitude

Maintaining a positive attitude amid negativities is one of the best things to do and this act isn’t for a feeble mind because it requires strength and vigor to keep going even when all odds seem to be against you. Maintaining a positive disposition during your period or season of waiting will keep you in perfect peace and health because a worried heart wearies and dries the bones.

When life gives you reasons to be sad, look for a million and one reason not to be.

2. Expand Your Horizons

During your season and period of waiting, try out new things, and don’t be carried away waiting for the gift that you lose out on the lessons and virtues you should amass during that period. You're most likely waiting for your dream job; develop and acquire new skills that will help you fit in when you finally get the job. You wouldn’t want to get a job and get kicked out as a result of non-performance. Distract yourself with other activities and this will keep you rejuvenated and happier. Go out with friends, maintain a happy and positive disposition towards life and people.

3. Position Yourself Rightly

Make friends with people who have what you’re looking for. Be deliberate in your quest for knowledge. Buy and read books that will sharpen your perspectives in preparation for the gift you’re waiting for.

4. Do Not Neglect Other Aspects Of Your Life

As much as you’re waiting for a gift, keep other aspects of your life moving. Don’t focus too much on getting the gift to the detriment of the other aspects of your life. The baby will come, but I hope your career isn’t in shambles. The partner will come, but have you built enough capacity to accommodate another human being? The job will come, but do you have skills that will sustain and make you more productive at it?

As much as waiting can be a very hard thing to do, it is not a season to cry and feel bad. It is a season to rightly position yourself and be sensitive to the lessons and virtues you are being taught. The gift will come, but the big question is, will it meet order in your life when it comes?


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Sep 21, 2021

Very well written😁👍

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