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What Is Change ? How Do We Transform?

By Christine McLean ©

About Christine

17 years ago I was in a car crash that left me with a serious brain injury where I had no understanding of how to function in everyday life, or support myself. I became suicidal and was placed on medication for over 8 years. While on medications I started to research self help books, healing techniques and undertook course to restructure my mind and start to heal my mind and life story and walk away from all medications . Today I offer mindfulness, meditation and breathwork classes both online and in person, to communities, charities and schools.

Life motto - rest, rejuvenate and education = a mind of wealth - live well, live happy.


What is change ? How do we transform?

CHANGE is about using external experiences, objects, people, to modify the way you think about your thoughts, feelings and actions. Achieving a different desire brings you more in tune, with your happy loving self. i.e - “I don’t like the way I feel after spending a year in that job” so I am gonna change job, to a job I love that will transform the way I feel“🙂

We change though what we experience, we are in essence changing all the time. It's like a wake up call, a feeling of no longer wanting to do things the way you have been doing them. A feeling of not fitting in, maybe thoughts appear where you feel disconnected to life around you. Change is always happening, only when we surrender and let go can we start to process that change.

Are you trying to change something in your life?

🧘Meaningful ways to process change start by finding time to sit with your thoughts.

🚶🏼‍♂️Walk with your thoughts in nature.

🗒📅Write your thoughts down for a few days straight and as yourself questions like

- Why do I feel this way?

- What’s the biggest problem here?

- How do I create change for myself?

- What part of my routine needs to change? -

- Where in my life an I unhappy right now?

- Be honest with yourself...

- Find that place to truly accept yourself with softness and grace - where there is pain there is also kindness.... stop self loathing and start this self loving practice.

Cry, scream, run, get angry - surrender comes in many forms. Allow all of you to have a place to express itself.


It’s the place you fear hearing

It’s the place you try to avoid

It’s the place you aren’t ready to listen too

That’s always there waiting patiently for you....


Express - voice your personal truth

Assist - be kind to yourself

Recharge - breath, meditate


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