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Water Energy Transformation Technique

By Stephanie Gulu ©

About Stephanie

A little of myself I currently live in Utah and I have been a licensed massage therapist for 25 years, and lymphatic therapist 20 years, I am now a certified life coach , I have an extensive background in health and wellness, I am an empath and highly sensitive person, my vision is to help people reach their potential by feeling good emotionally and energetically through healing and developing an relationship with their own intuition, energy awareness.


Water Energy Transformation Technique

Water has forever been our friend, a sense of comfort outside of ourselves that soothes us on the inside. Water cleanses and purifies the mind, body, and spirit. It is used from chemistry to agriculture. It literally interacts and touches everything on this planet. I grew up next to the ocean, which is my happy place, and I've been known to sleep in the hot bath for several hours when I cannot take the cold of an Utah winter night any longer.

As history has used water in many ways, I’m going to share a new perspective with you. The visualization of water can be used to change the state of the body. That’s right, imagining water as a small flowing stream or a waterfall will change the state of someone else’s body or your own. Visualizing water will change a tight muscle into a relaxed one, and the body will drop into a state of calmness and increased peace. Using your mind like this is energy work and only focuses on visualizing different scenes with water.

Simple Steps: How To Use Water As Energy Work Step 1: Ground and Connect

  1. First, take 3- 5 deep breaths, preferably belly breaths. Your belly will extend when you inhale and contract during the exhale.

  2. Have both feet touching the ground. You can be sitting or standing. Knees slightly bent if your standing.

  3. Let go of the day, and be present and grounded in this moment

  4. Your eyes can be open or closed. Closed might be easier in the beginning, and with practice, you can keep them open. Whichever is easiest for you will work just perfectly.

Step 2: What To Visualize

  1. Think of a time when you were in nature by some type of water to get a picture, remember how you felt, how peaceful it was, what the surrounding area looked like, was there greenery, sunlight, a gentle breeze? What did the water sound like? How did you see the water moving, fast or slow? We want to slow down the flow of water in this visualization so that it is calming.

  2. A stream, a river, a creek, needs to be seen slowing down to a gentle pace

  3. A waterfall can be seen the way it is in nature unless it's very powerful; slow it down to the perfect cascade of water falling

Step 3: When to Visualize

  1. When you need to ground yourself or clear your own energy, use the waterfall. Imagine you standing inside a waterfall. The water is coming down from above your head all the way down, running over your feet. This technique can be used when you feel a stressful situation and disconnected from yourself or your environment, when your mind starts to run with negative self-talk, or overwhelmed.

  2. Use the stream/creek/river visualization when you're helping another person relax, calm down, decrease tension, reduce aches or pains. Have the person sit down next to you or lay down with you sitting next to them. You can put your hands on their shoulders for feet. Have them close their eyes and relax, take your deep breaths, visualize water running over their body from the feet up to the head and out of their heads through the arms and back down to the feet. You can repeat this process a few times or just run the water through one body area of pain or discomfort, such as a lower leg or a shoulder. Visualize what you can see the easiest, a small stream of water running through the area of pain or tightness.

Step 4: More Ways to Use Energy Work

  1. Maybe you have a sick toddler or a little one that you're rocking in the rocking chair, visualize the calm waterfall through both of you, or just them. See a tiny stream of water flowing down their spine.

  2. When you're visiting a family member in the hospital, it's a perfect time to use energy work. You can sit at their feet or sit next to them, holding their hand and do the visualization.

  3. Anytime I need to get calm and grounded, a meeting at work, a presentation, public speaking, anytime any place, I can use the waterfall visualization.


I wanted to give you something user-friendly in energy work that you can apply in your daily life to help yourself, your family, or your community. A piece of wisdom that you can use anywhere at any time. This has not failed me in 30 years of bodywork. You don’t need anything but your mind and the belief that this works and you can do it! Stephanie Gulu, Executive Contributor Brainz Magazine

Stephanie Gulu is an Intuitive Healer and Life Coach, she is an expert in Lymphatic Drainage Massage, creating Eastern Lymphatic Massage which is now being documented as research. Energy is a component that crosses over into all of her work as she believes in addressing the energetic body from supporting, clearing, and releasing energy that no longer serves us. She uses a multicultural approach to healing incorporating Chinese Medicine, Ayurveda, Energy Work, Reiki, NLP, Time Line Therapy ®, and Hypnotherapy to deal with thoughts, emotions, and feelings energetically while coaching her clients in the process of personal transformation. Stephanie has a background of 30 years in holistic healing and wellness, serving thousands of clients and now as a Certified Transformational Coach offers work in the areas of healing from emotional abuse, finding your voice, speaking your truth, and health and personal breakthroughs. She has taught in the US, and in England, she loves to share her wisdom and skills to empower others to have a better life no matter what they have gone through.


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