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Rose-Colored Glasses

By Madonna Scott

I grew up in a small town. Mom left when I was eight; Dad, a fisherman, raised four children. I was abused as a child and at thirteen years old I was strangled by a young man who hung himself the next day. I was raped in 1974 . I had my first child at sixteen. I was entrapped when I was seventeen/ eighteen. I started a topless bar featuring myself as a dancer called Lady Madonna. I left to travel and tour all over Canada and Florida. I had my second child at twenty six after I bought my first home in Etobicoke, Canada. I went to beauty school in Sherway, and worked as a mall apprentice. I had to stop to have the baby. In 1991 I completed a decade of dance only to have an amazing son In 1993 and finally get married to a wonderful man. I did not return to beauty school until 2009. I graduated class of 2010, faite du complete. After a terrible car accident and six months later breast cancer, I returned to church to keep it together.

I moved home and studied income tax .I Studied reiki one and reiki two to become a reiki practioner and to heal myself and others by the grace of God.

This is where I got my eight stories that I have written so far, as I am becoming a writer …

Madonna Scott


Rose-Colored Glasses

Another beautiful life Stolen from his mother’s breast, Because she is addicted Like the rest. Her mother, her father, Her uncle died. As her baby is taken away, She cried. Her first little one is with another, Wondering why doesn’t her mother love her?

One more missed visit. One more empty taxi ride. One more no-show, And the whole world cried.

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