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Riding The Storm - A Memoir of Mental Illness by Ryan Harland

Book reviewed by Stephen Pennell ©

E2E Blogger

In recognition of Mental Health Awareness Week

This book takes the reader on a journey through the author’s troubled life and relationships, explaining complex mental health issues with clarity in an easy-to-read style. Using forthright language and opinions, the narrative is laced with a brutal honesty which somehow manages to avoid any trace of self-pity as Harland retraces his steps from a childhood on the Isle of Sheppey.

What to an outsider may have looked like an unremarkable family had at its dark heart a terrible secret of domestic and sexual abuse which, as you might expect, had a devastating effect on the lives of those involved. The everyday insecurities catalogued within will resonate with many, but thankfully most of us can only imagine how those doubts were intensified by the author’s harrowing experiences.

Whilst highlighting the regrettable shortcomings of the systems in place to treat the casualties, the book is ultimately life-affirming as Harland finally receives the kind of help he needs and learns to live with his past and construct a happier present and future. A very satisfying, if at times disturbing read, that remains thought provoking throughout and even after one closes the book on the final chapter.

Link to purchase Riding The Storm

For anyone who is suffering with their mental health and needs support in any of the areas discussed in this blog, please refer to the links below. Speak out, there are people willing to help. No one needs to suffer in silence.

A massive thank you to Ryan for allowing us to share his book, please head over to the link below to see where you can buy the book. Always reach out.


Links For Organisations

Mind UK

Young Minds



PANDAS - PND awareness & Support

Carers UK

Male Survivors of Rape

Mothers of Sexually Abused Children

The National Association for People Abused in Childhood


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