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Joey's Rockin' Blues

Music Artist - Joey DiTucci ©

I am a man whom has made many mistakes. I invested the time to discover the silver lining within each one.

"For what good is knowledge, if one does not have the wisdom to understand it?" Each lesson alchemised, into better understanding; of my own self, all that is around me and its connection to all that is within me. (the first step to achieving inner peace.

"The road to inner peace, is a road only you can travel". I found, inspiration and positivity are the keys to unlocking the door within the inner chamber of ones heart.

"When we follow our hearts desire, we become the key to unlocking our destiny" The best lesson learned from failure...

"Within each perceived failure, is a silver lining of enlightenment. Therefore failure, can be corrected and when brought to light in truth, no longer exist...for it is a state of mind and I welcome it as an old friend".

Written & Performed by Joey DiTucci ©

For more music and other information on Joey, head over to his links below.

Website - JoeyDiTucci.com


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