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Resilience - A Vital Life Skill!

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Resilience - The ability to bounce back in life. In short, "Coming back in your power once again." Life skills are muscles of our brain. The more we work on these muscles the better we get at managing and living our life fully. Life skills are not something we are blessed with right from our birth. a few people are blessed to have enough of them, but the rest of us need to polish our life skills by practicing them again and again until that becomes a habit. Hence, it's a process and patience is the key! Let me put forward a few mental exercises that help to brush up on the skill of resilience. After all, this is one of the vital skills that keep our life going regardless of the hurdles.

1. Goal vs Purpose

This has been a life-changing discovery for me. Setting up a goal could be due to two reasons, one is as a compulsion with no other option and the second is due to your own will. Discovering a purpose in life is something larger than life that benefits the masses and gives you inner contentment. More than having a goal, having a life purpose helps you to take your life back on the correct track once again. Hence, invest your time in discovering your life purpose. Solitude + Introspection + Journaling + Mindfulness + Self Work is the formula to discover the path that gives you immense satisfaction and a boost to keep you moving forward in life. 2. Silver Lining

Developing the habit of looking at the brighter side is crucial to tackling uncertain times. Sometimes you win and sometimes you are bound to lose but in both cases, you gain something that is called a life experience. Most of the important life lessons are learned from here. 3. What Next?

I mean to say, the next strategy with a proper plan, the next fire that fans the passion within. Whenever I am in a situation where I am helpless, this question helps me to discover the step that could take me further despite the obstacles, failures, setbacks, and rejections.

4. Trust Yourself!

Society may not support you, and near and dear ones may not ways always stand by your side. The only trustworthy person that remains with you is your inner soul. Make sure you are your best buddy in the journey of life. Trust your capability, trust your potential. This will take you far in life by showing you the light in the darkness.

5. Life Lessons

I always emphasize learning life skills from my life experiences. Life lessons are not something that are taught in institutions or universities. Life lessons have no particular curriculum or syllabus. Talking to new people, making new connections, and exploring life broadens your horizons of thinking. Life lessons are not taught, but they are learned and developed with consistent practice.

6. Neutral View

What is the duty of the lawyer while representing a client's case? To look at the case in a neutral manner with no emotional attachments anywhere. This helps the lawyer have mental clarity regarding the case. This helps them to analyze the situation or circumstance better. Try this approach in your life. It's tested by me and it does wonders!

7. Perception

Any life experience is about how we have perceived that story. It's like one person sees a glass half empty and another one sees a glass half full. You see how perception changes the whole story. 8. Motivation

Discover what keeps you inspired, motivated, and empowered mentally. Figuring out our source of motivation has been a game-changer for many. For me, it's my faith in the universe and divinity. Religious activities and prayers keep my morale high when I am demoralized and unable to find a way out. Search for something that works for you that helps to keep you mindful, calm, composed, serene, and optimistic during chaotic situations. Tip:- Customize the above gist with your own points that suit you best. Let us know what you think about this and add a few more points from your side in the comments section below. Perhaps, next time I will integrate those new points into subsequent write-ups. Thanks for reading!


About Tejal

Hey There! This is Tejal Kutarekar. I am a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur by profession. Writing is something that is therapeutic for me. I love spreading self-awareness about emotional and mental health with the help of writing and composing poems. I am pleased to bring out my inner passion of guiding through writing with the help of the Empath to Empath platform. See you all soon with my content there.


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Sep 20, 2022

Very well written article😊👍!

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Sep 21, 2022
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You are very welcome😊

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