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My Inner Critic

By Christine McLean

I caught my inner critic today in the gym, it said come on you have done enough you can give up now. I used to listen to this voice daily, I used to allow this voice to rule my life. Oh it’s not for you let someone else do that they will be better than you.

My inner critic never wants me to push my strength, mind, creativity or body. It always wants me to take it easy, chillax, let life be one day at a time. I have many many personalities, all that want different things from me. Some of them want me to run fast or to create lots of work, to strive to the highest mountains and keep breaking through every goal I can imagine.

Some of them want me to hide in shame, guilt and feel bad for all the wrong turns I have made in life. They want me to be down and sorrowful of every bad thing that’s happening in the world today. Some of them show me how to be kind-hearted, empathetic, and generous to those I connect with.

Creating a balance of these’s personalities is a juggling act - it’s important to know that your personalities, emotions, thoughts and feelings are forever changing. Creating balance starts with you, balance yourself, and your life will balance out. Trust in yourself and you will start to trust all that’s around you.

Balance Yourself

Do what makes your heart sing.

What makes your toes dance.

What makes your lips smile.

What makes you happy.

What makes you rest.

What makes you feel content being you.


In this moment I trust in me.


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1 Comment

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
May 17, 2021

Very, very well written😁👍!

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