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Miss Trunchbull's Chokey

By SoulSeeker

E2E Blogger

"I'm starting on my adventure of healing. I write mostly to help sort through my emotions and feelings that I struggle to communicate. If anything I write relates to you somehow. I hope you can take comfort knowing that you are not alone".

SoulSeeker x

So I have been told for many years now that keeping a diary would help or start blogging. I've never really thought I was one for blogging, but hey here I am.

So here goes, what shall I tell you all?

The worse thing about this is; where to start?

Dysfunctional family?

Toxic social life?

Unbearable work place ?


Nothing new to any of us really, but I said I'd try.

I'm an Aries, so naturally I'm a leader. I like to work my way, a way that suits me no-one else. It may seem disorganised but it's how I like things. If you know an Aries then you will know we are stubborn even if this means we are petty at times.

For me this means, the more you call me asking about targets and what I've achieved in the last 20 minutes from our previous very tedious catch up call, the less I do. Not because of childish behaviour but because of the feeling of control and leadership of my own work. My head is screaming leave me alone! But my mouth moves and the words yes no problem drips out slowly through gritted teeth.

Why is it that even as adults we somehow find ourselves being babysat. I would much rather find myself in Miss Trunchbull's chokey. I just want scream into the phone. I want stamp my feet and show my true Aries nature. I have to remind myself I have bills to pay.

Oh the joys. Another day another dollar!

I'm happy in life, I have an amazing, hilarious dysfunctional family who I adore and amazing friends who support me no matter the never ending dramas and crisis calls. But the rat race of working for corporate business who only see numbers is becoming somewhat more than unbearable.

But what to do? Where to do ?

We'll see on the next episode of will she finally snap during our teams video call.

Written by SoulSeeker ©


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