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Little White Lies……

By Christine McLean

It’s time to decipher the lie’s we hear and tell ourselves? Do you tell yourself little white lies? Just so you can stay up late, spend too much money, or not turn up late for a meeting or appointments that you know will have consequences.

Do you realise how these little white lies affect you? Over time these build up, the more we use this side of the brain the stronger the connections get within the brain. The key here is to recognise when you’re causing yourself harm through your words and ideas that are not true.

You may not be aware of it straight away, although it's so important you start to recognise how you treat yourself and your heart and your life stop putting up and making things work- when they don’t make you happy. Remember your heart has the same intelligence you do, although you heart understands in a different way. Can your body, energy and heart can hold a lie? Let’s look at this in a little more detail…

1, Sit still and focus on your breath and start to breathe both slowly and clearly, clear your mind and start to feel the rise and fall of your chest with each breath.

2, Now just for a moment sit with a lie in your mind, feel, think that lie as strong as you can. Now feel how your body is reacting to that lie?

* Does your breath become stiff or short?

* Does your heart feel stranded and your mouth feel drive and your muscles hurt?

* Does something feel wrong?

Your body reacts to the lie, you may feel uneasy you feel of balance, you may feel angry and irritated these are all signs that your heart and body doesn’t like the lie you’re holding within your mind.

Your heart has its own self awareness, its own intelligence. It can reason and learn to understand actions of both happiness and sadness. The heart grows at the same rate as you do and the decision you make effect the energy, drive and motivation of you heart and gutt instincts.

I remember working with a client one time. She was struggling to receive money for any of the services she offered and the consequences were that everything in life became a struggle. We sat down together and started to work with her thought processes, she claimed that she didn’t feel worthy of receiving money.

Her heart was teaching her that it wasn’t right to accept money for her work. Therefore her hearts intelligence was sending out the vibration to not accept the abundance that was being offered to her. As we worked through these feeling and thoughts together we realised the thought process hadn’t originally been hers, the idea was placed within her from her previous experiences. When the client realised what was happening within her own mind she then realised that she had the power to reclaim and re-teach her-self.

“Your heart holds the vibration of true peace”

Did you know, Research in the new discipline of neuroradiology shows that the heart is a sensory organ and a sophisticated centre for receiving and processing information as and when it is received.

The nervous system within the heart (or “heart brain”) enables it to learn, remember, and make functional decisions independent of the brain’s cerebral cortex. Moreover, numerous experiments have demonstrated that the signals the heart continuously sends to the brain influence the function of higher brain centres involved in perception, and awareness of self-interactions.

Understanding your own energetic intelligence heart and being will give you your own practical tools in continually being self-informed of a straighter path to achieving self-fulfilment and self embodiment. To achieve your truth and purpose start by connecting to your heart daily, by loving who you are in every moment. This is done by not judging yourself or creating white lies - your previous actions of the past they are your lessons.

Let today be your day 1, Learning how to act and interact with all that is around you as who you are now. Remember you’re ever learning and ever growing, and the best way to learn is actually by making mistakes, why because when you do something wrong or out of character, you will feel sad, and indifferent, there by learning that this way wasn’t the right way.

Mistakes are important let go of the little white lies, so you don’t have to experience those uncomfortable feelings again and again.

In due time you will realise what makes you happy and this will allow you to support and love who you are on your self-learning experiences. Just remember each experience that makes you feel special is simply guiding you personally to understand you.

Mindset tool

Start by being present and feeling the rhythm of your heart through meditation, this will allow you to start to recognise your hearts energetic channel and breathe, meditate regularly to enhance your connection.

Start by recognising your values, who you are and count yourself in every decision you make. Bring love to yourself, be yourself and be beautiful in all that you do.

“Enhance this theory of feeling for the lie and finding the truth by daily practice, of sitting within the energy of the love we have within through meditation”


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