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Life As A Highly Sensitive Person

By Melissa Maxx ©

E2E Blogger - Every Wednesday

"Mindfulness for the not TOO woo-woo".

Melissa Maxx is a Radio DJ and TV host best known for her work on WBCN Boston, KLOS Los Angeles, The Shark Miami and "Tiny House Builders" on HGTV. After working in radio and TV for almost two decades, she became ill with an auto-immune disease that affected her on every level; physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She realized that the auto-pilot way she had been living her life just wasn't working anymore, and that it was time for drastic changes in mindset and lifestyle. She studied the mind-body connection, health and wellness, personal development, psychology and spirituality, and turned her life and attitude completely around! Through her blog, and just launched YouTube channel, "A Maxximized Life", she shares what she has learned, in order to help everyone to live the life they were meant to live. She focuses on what she refers to as the "3 pillars of a well-rounded life" happiness, health and home", and gives practical, actionable personal growth and mindfulness tips for the "not TOO woo-woo" in the modern world.

"Unravelling the Riddle of the Highly Sensitive Person".

HSP's (highly sensitive people) have been getting a lot of press lately. Alannis Morrisette talks about being part of this often mis-named subset in the documentary, "Sensitive: The Untold Story" (available on Amazon Prime). In today's video I share some of the realities and misconceptions about people living with this unique way of processing sensory stimulation.

Life As A Highly Sensitive Person, YouTube, 2021

For more information on Melissa follow her handles below. Thanks Melissa.


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