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Let's Talk About Self Love

Written by Tejal Kutarekar ©

When it comes to loving the people around us, we are the ones who initiate happily; but when someone tells us to go within and love ourselves, we stumble for a moment…

In this curation, I shall write about simple points that will help you to reflect within.

1. Try To Know Yourself

Self-love is the best source to find out who you are. Just the way we love other people after getting to know them fully, in the same way, without knowing your inner soul, you can't love yourself wholeheartedly.

I will give you my example. When I didn't know myself thoroughly, I used to be very harsh and critical about how I was. Once I started knowing myself, (which I call “Self Awakening”), I got to know I have at least a couple of qualities within me that are appreciable. These qualities I couldn’t see when I was barely knowing myself.

Go on the journey of self-knowing to unfold hidden qualities that are waiting for ages to get admired by you, because only when you relate yourself you can relate with others.

2. Invest In Yourself

Self-indulgence is the best way for self-investment.

Take a moment to appreciate what you do and who you are.

Take a moment to cherish your victories.

Take a moment to pat your back.

Take a moment to say to yourself, ”I love you, please forgive me” every day.

Take a moment to practice self-care.

Take a moment to watch your diet and adopt an exercise regime.

Take a moment to gift yourself a tiny gift.

All these things just demand from you a few things, your attention, dedication…and just some moments.

3. Always Find A Blessing In Disguise.

We are not perfect. We all lack something within us. Whether it be our looks, nature, strengths. We shall be grateful for lacking it. Surprised ?

We always take extra efforts to improvise the things that we lack than the things that we are inherently blessed with.

What else helps than putting in the consistent efforts to master something in life? Always search for a blessing in disguise to appreciate the inner blessings.

You hate the shape of your nose, but have a look at your eyes - how expressive they are! You hate your bad temper but look at your charity work, which has helped a lot of people so far to feel privileged in their lives.

We do lack something, but at the same time, we do have something within us that deserves high praise!

4. Be More Experimental

Aren’t you fed up with the old dressing style that you have been following since your high school days? Don’t you feel like putting on kajal to see how beautiful and dramatic look you get with it?

Haven’t you ever tried retro dressing style to feel more retro?

Aren’t you eager to change your hairstyle a bit for a complete makeover? (Celebrity style)

Be more experimental to find a new you by breaking all the old styles and patterns that you carried forward so long.

5. Break Other People's Perceptions About You.

We often make the mistake of relying on society’s point of view, opinions, perceptions about us. The sad part is we believe their perceptions, views, opinions to be true without giving a second thought to self-assess whether all these views, opinions, perceptions are right or wrong.

We fail to assess a concrete reality based on which those views are being given.

Take charge of deciding how you are, how you should be, what you should do in your life.

Don’t look at yourself from others’ points of view. Look at you from your point of view.

This will surely make you fall in love with yourself.

6. Be Willing To Change Your Mindset

“when you change your attitude and thinking, the whole world around you gets changed”.

When we jump-start with the “self-love” process, we ought to change our thinking and attitude about ourselves. I have seen many people change their lives with a positive shift by changing their attitudes and habits in daily life. Changing the old pattern of thinking is not as easy as it may seem, but it is not impossible either. When there is a desired shift in your mindset, the self-love journey sparks its presence right away.

These are a few simple points that I wanted to present so that you can take your call to embark on the journey of self-love.

With this, I would like to close.


About Tejal

Hey There! This is Tejal Kutarekar. I am a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur by profession. Writing is something that is therapeutic for me. I love spreading self-awareness about emotional and mental health with the help of writing and composing poems. I am pleased to bring out my inner passion of guiding through writing with the help of the Empath to Empath platform. See you all soon with my content there.


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
10 janv. 2022

Very inspirational. Well written😊👍!

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
11 janv. 2022
En réponse à

Thank you🤗. Wishing you the same🙏.

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