Let Love Be The Torch That Lights Your Path

By Christine McLean

17 years ago I was in a car crash that left me with a serious brain injury where I had no understanding of how to function in everyday life, or support myself. I became suicidal and was placed on medication for over 8 years. While on medications I started to research self help books, healing techniques and undertook course to restructure my mind and start to heal my mind and life story and walk away from all medications . Today I offer mindfulness, meditation and breathwork classes both online and in person, to communities, charities and schools.

Life motto - rest, rejuvenate and education = a mind of wealth - live well, live happy.

The mind is a gateway to your heart

The mind is a doorway to give love

The mind is a open net to gather and create all you require

Fear stopped me from loving

Fear stopped me from growing

Fear took all that was beautiful and turned it to mud.

My life was a mess, I had suffered an head injury that I knew I would never recover from.

One that turned my mind into only understanding pain and grief.

I suffered for over 8 years.

Crying from one day to the next

Feeling closer to deaths door with each day...

This was no life this was only


I believed I was a freak,

I couldn't hold a conversation

I couldn't spell my own name

I couldn't even look after myself

I was 21 years old with the mind of a confused 12 year old, I spent over 10 years hating on myself. Wishing I wasn't me, wishing my life to end wishing I could turn back time. I believed I had been failed, life had done me wrong.


Because of my pain, I became passionate about how the mind worked, I became determined to overcome all the thoughts that held me back. I made a choice to change everything about me.

I learnt to love myself

I learnt how to feel upon what was right and what was wrong for me

I learnt to accept what I couldn't change and focus on what I needed to change in me.

I learnt to observe without becoming<