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Leaping Into The Unknown

Written by Tonita Salmon.

In times gone by I was ruled by my restless ‘monkey mind’. I existed as a human-doing in a world of not-enoughness. Convinced by the do-more-therefore-you-will-be-more myth, what I thought would bring me contentment in the external world did not. I created a fight- or-flight lifestyle, each day filled with to-do lists and excessive working hours. Rise. Emails. Breakfast. Shower. Dress. Work. Lunch. Work. Home. Snooze. Work. Shower. Sleep. Rinse and repeat…for a number of years. Long standing attempts to convince both myself and the outside world that all was well became very exhausting indeed.

Whilst I consider myself fortunate to have had some incredible life experiences during this time, inner peace and contentment still eluded me. Inwardly, I lived with a sense of emptiness, a void; something was missing. Along with that, I had a highly sensitive disposition – others’ emotions, certain environments, foods and chemicals affected me greatly.

I seemed to be on a forever-quest to find a lifetime supply of Equilibrium Elixir. Following a series of emotional, mental, physical and spiritual challenges (in retrospect, extremely loud wake-up calls), my inner spark dulled. I was depleted. I had lost myself.

Something had to change. Namely, me.


My journey to well-being began in earnest. I sought solace in holistic practices such as yoga, meditation, healthful nutrition, mindfulness and eventually, Reiki. Dedicating time and energy to my inner world (with far less focus on the external) through self-care, self-nurturing and most importantly, self-love, helped me to establish a sense of balance and contentment. I learned how to be.

Over time I was able to tame my ‘monkey mind’ and access clear intuitive guidance that, along with other tools and techniques, enabled me to reset the course of my life making significant leaps into the unknown within an 18 month period.

  • Emigrated solo to Australia from the UK with no ‘safety nets’ – just me, myself and I. One suitcase. No home. No job.

  • Left a 20 year fast-paced career in the education sector

  • Forged a new career path in the field of holistic health and wellbeing – Reiki

Wherever you may be on your journey,

Go gently



Float downstream…choose you.

Written by - Tonita Salmon ©

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1 Comment

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Feb 27, 2021

Very well said😁❤. May God be with you on your journey,

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