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How to Recognize Narcissistic People

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Narcissistic people have a personality disorder in which they have an overinflated sense of how important they are, they have an extreme lack of empathy for others, they have troubled relationships, and they feed off of excessive attention and admiration.

Here on REL we always like the goodness, but we truly can’t walk around with our blinders on. We need to recognize the bad and try to avoid it as much as humanly possible. Posts such as this truly suck and I am not a fan of creating them. Let’s take this as information for what it is. Information is power, so please get clarity!

Narcissistic Red Flags To Be Aware Of:

  • They will drain your energy. Narcissistic people seek empathetic people to latch onto. If you are a caring person you will become a major target. Keep being you! Continue to care and love the way you do, but do understand your value.

  • They treat others as if they were disposable. Narcissistic people don’t let people stand in their way. If you aren’t serving them, they will eliminate you.

  • They will make you an emotional punching bag. Narcissistic people will always make you feel as if you are the one that’s messing things up. And since you are a caring person, it’s hook, line, and sinker.

  • They will take control of every aspect of your life. Narcissistic people will alienate you from your friends, family, and any other relationships you have. They will position things as if those relationships are bad for you. You will be convinced that they are toxic and so it will seem as if you severed the ties and not the narcissist.

  • They will take advantage of your dedication. When you are deeply loyal it’s extremely difficult to realize what is right in front of you. You will be used as a pawn at every turn if you allow it.

  • They will drain your finances. Narcissistic people will shower you with gifts and attention in the beginning, but shortly after they will redirect their efforts back into themselves. And they will also get you onboard with their financial plans.

  • They will manipulate you. Narcissistic people will try to control you and your environment. They will attack your mental and emotional sides to gain what they want. Guilt will be at the forefront.

  • They act with a sense of entitlement and always require excessive admiration. They constantly need to be praised and adored. Ego is their driving force.

  • They are unwilling to recognize and understand the feelings of others around them. Narcissistic people lack empathy. They are truly unable to empathize with the needs of others.

  • They take advantage of others in an effort to get what they want. If you are willing to give, they are there to take.

  • They cannot handle being criticized in any way. Remember, ego is a big part of who they believe they are.

  • They are extremely moody and are loose cannons. Narcissistic people will play mind games and they will blame you for how they are acting.

  • They have difficulty dealing with change and stressful conditions. If it’s not in their playbook then they have no clue on how to handle things. They are hyper-focused on their agenda and can’t handle other things potentially ruining things.

  • They aren’t able to regulate their emotions. It is hard for them to take responsibility for their own actions. They do not realize that it’s them.

  • They belittle others in an effort to over-inflate themselves. Remember they want to have the limelight. It’s about them.

  • They will lie, they will deny any wrongdoing. Lying is a staple and believe it is in every part of their lives.


The only way a narcissistic person can accomplish any of these things is if WE allow them to. I survived a narcissistic person! And I thrived because I woke up. I realized my value. Do you know your value? If you are with a narcissistic person, do yourself a life saver and get the heck out. For real!


What other signs do you know relate to narcissistic people and how do you avoid them?


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
07 sept 2022

I've known a few and I admit...it was hard to walk away because I really did want to help but I had to for the sake of my mental health.

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