Heaven Is Only A Dream Away

By Jacqueline Davieau

Every Sunday

How I Reached My Son In Heaven

I feel like I have been in a state of spiritual depression. When I do not hear from my son's spirit in a while, I begin to feel disconnected and lost. Does he not miss me? Have I lost my ability to reach him? These are the thoughts that race through my mind and put me in a real funk.

This morning I was feeling down, not exactly sure what was eating away at me, but my soul’s light felt dim. Meditation always makes me feel better, so I decided to take the extra time before work on myself. This doom and gloom attitude is not me at all.

I have a special room in my house where I write and do my spiritual healing. More importantly this is where I always go to open myself up to the spiritual realm. I open myself up in a state of meditation. I let go of my everyday thoughts, clear my mind, and raise my spiritual vibration.

Believe me when I tell you that I do not connect to spirit every time I practice meditation, however it is still beneficial to all aspects of our lives. I have not connected in a long time with my son and I deeply miss him.

Today was the day that my spiritual dry spell came to an end! What I saw was pure beauty and grace. There was a profound healing that took place deep into my very soul.

Before I began my meditation, I turned the lights down, lit some incense, and turned on soft music. I made myself comfortable and just let go. I had no expectations, other than clearing my mind.

It did not take me long to reach my place of peace, as a matter of fact I fell asleep. With my eyes closed I could see and feel a bright white light enveloping my entire body. The light was warm and inviting. Soon the white light that was surrounding me turned into a white fog. To my understanding I was floating inside a huge cloud.

The cloud that I was floating in was illuminating a brilliant light from within. There was a healing property about this cloud that began to transform me. All the negative emotions I had been experiencing only a few minutes prior vanished. My bad mood was gone, and I was instantly filled with internal peace. I had also woken up that morning with an awful stiff neck. Inside the healing cloud I felt a warmth come around my neck, and just like that the pain was gone!

The cloud I was floating in began as a thick and bright white, but it soon began thinning out. As the clouds began to clear I could hear the sound of water gently trickling nearby. I began to walk towards the peaceful sounds I was experiencing.

I began to hear birds chirping that blended in perfectly with the sounds of water. There was a musical quality about the sound, that made my environment all the more peaceful.

As I took a few more steps forward, the clouds cleared even more, to the point it was only a floor of clouds for me to walk on, my feet secure the entire time.

Before my eyes I saw a staircase made of cobblestone. Each stone was a brilliant shade of white, that climbed upward and veered slightly to the left. There was a stream of water flowing over the stairs, and the birds were sitting at the top. It was a gentle waterfall streaming over the staircase. This was the source of the heavenly music I was listening to. Each step illuminated a beautiful white light, as if the stairs were alive and inviting me to climb.

I began climbing the stairs, and with each step my heart felt as if it were growing. I could feel it filling with unconditional love and bliss.

“This is where I am meant to be.” I said to myself.

I climbed the staircase slowly, because I did not want to miss a moment of what my heart was experiencing.

The closer I got to the top of the stairs the better I felt. I began to notice a gold light shinning brightly at the top.

“There is something magnificent up there!” I said to myself.

Excitement began to build in me the higher I climbed. When I reached the top, I was overwhelmed with joy, because of who was waiting for me.


“Hey Mom.”

My beautiful son never looked so amazing. He was surrounded by a bright golden light, that was illuminating from within him. His eyes were piercing blue, his skin had been kissed by the sun, and his hair had pure golden highlights.