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Artist: Peaceful Warrior

Frustrated - (2017)

Materials - Markers & Highlighters

This piece represents the frustration and confusion I was going through while struggling financially and working in a post room a few years back. I had lost my job as an art director earlier in the year and I had been out of work for months. During my time there I was lucky to work with some amazing down to earth people, some much older than me, rather than the stuck up lost generation zedders I was working with in the creative industry, who were more concerned with tummy tea and whatever flavour of the week was on Netflix. I was wondering whether I should quit pursuing art -something I had put my whole life into - and the only thing I was good at until I discovered boxing, another passion which I discovered during this hiatus.

"I was living in a horrible house where I discovered one person was racist..."

I was confused with what to do next. I was living in a horrible house where I discovered one person was racist and was against me moving in, and I didn't have any money to move at the time. It had become a toxic environment and I would only go home once everyone had gone to sleep, or race to get back before everyone has got home from work, just to avoid seeing them until I had found something else.

I was struggling with a traumatic breakup from which I was still healing and even though I was struggling financially the only release I found was endless clubbing and going on date after date after date, which was really not helping me get over my previous relationship. It began to feel like I was trying to live a second childhood in my early 30's. It was fun and I had a lot of adventures which I often reminisce about but it was a lot of wasted money and empty feelings afterwards.

"The squinted eyes represent me just seeing that glimmer of hope".

The squinted eyes represent me just seeing that glimmer of hope. I was lucky enough to find a job a few months later which opened many doors for me, left that house and met someone who helped me rediscover what love was supposed to feel like for the time we were together. I'm grateful for the growth I experienced during that time and rising from that challenge is always a reference point when, like everyone, I might go through times of struggle.

By Peaceful Warrior ©

E2E Artist & Blogger

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1 commentaire

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
29 janv. 2021

A beautiful piece of art❤. Good for you for fighting back!

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