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Do You Feel Like You Are Receiving Enough Oxygen? Rule Of Three

By Christine McLean

About Christine

17 years ago I was in a car crash that left me with a serious brain injury where I had no understanding of how to function in everyday life, or support myself. I became suicidal and was placed on medication for over 8 years. While on medications I started to research self help books, healing techniques and undertook course to restructure my mind and start to heal my mind and life story and walk away from all medications . Today I offer mindfulness, meditation and breathwork classes both online and in person, to communities, charities and schools.

Life motto - rest, rejuvenate and education = a mind of wealth - live well, live happy.


Do you feel, tired, suffer headaches or feel continually lethargic? In this short video we should how focused breathing can give you more clarity, self awareness and happiness in your day. It takes just ten healthy focused breaths to change everything. #feelgood#focusedbreathing#breathwithmoreawareness#mentalhealth#clarity#breathwork


Do You Feel Like You Are Receiving Enough Oxygen?, YouTube, 2021


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