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5 Steps To Trust Yourself Again – Conquering Self -Doubt.

By Shay Moore

My name is Shay Moore. I am excited to get to know everyone and for you to know me. I am a bubbly, silly, joyful, happy, sometimes serious woman looking to shed positivity in this crazy world of ours. Some quick fun facts about me are that I love to dance, especially in my living room in my underwear (Cameron Diaz anyone?!). I also love lounging about with my Mona, my cute morkie below? I also love adventure, I have been to Seoul, South Korea, and I’ve been skydiving, jumped 15,000 ft 😊 I have a deep passion for encouraging women about their self-worth. Too often we find messages telling us to behave a certain way in order to be heard but we can be heard just by being ourselves. Let it out! Shout it! I AM ME. I AM BEAUTIFUL!

Seriously say it haha...Didn’t that feel good? I hope to be that digital friend that you could lean on as we make our way down this path of self-care. If you ever need a friend and life is hard contact me

Sending you much love and positivity.

Shay Moore

5 Steps To Trust Yourself Again – Conquering Self -Doubt.

Hi Snatchers! I hope you all are enjoying your week. So you came here because you are feeling a bit unsure? Maybe you are feeling down and out, or maybe you just feel off your game lately. Sometimes life could throw us a curve ball, we follow our diet regime, we try to be consistent with our workouts, meditations, runs, and cardio. You try to give your all at work, but honestly you are running on E. I understand that, I definitely have been on E with work for months. It is hard to be motivated when your whole life has been turned upside down.

During this pandemic we have attacked ourselves emotionally and mentally more than usual. I know I have, I watched myself gain the 20lbs I worked so hard off in 2019 come back in a few months, despite working out from home and buying more resistant equipment.

Sometimes you look at the person in the mirror and wonder why you are failing her… Why am I not good enough for me, if I can’t help myself what use am I to the world? Have you thought that you are not enough? That you are not worthy? I know typically people think that self-doubt it about other people and insecurities, but insecurities do not just occur when you are in a room surrounded by people. We all have heard “we are our worst enemy” and this is still true.

“But Shay what do we do? How do I shut off the voice in my head that says I’m a failure?” Well, I do not have all the answers, but I do have a few tips to hopefully make your day a little easier than the night before :]

Affirmations: Yes, I am big on positive affirmations to yourself. You could take some time and create a positivity jar. Write things you love about yourself or that you are grateful for so that when you are having a hard day you just pull a saying from the jar. I personally records videos of myself during my “happy days” and I tell myself I am beautiful and that I am trying my best. It is okay if I’m off track for a bit, but I will find my path. Try it out and watch it on your down days!

Externalize: I love externalization, narrative interventions just excite me! #MFTinTheMaking Give your self-doubt a name. Separating your doubts from yourself will make it easier for you to face them head on. When you give your insecurity a name you are giving yourself permission to separate it from yourself. For example, instead of believing everything your thoughts say you are you would say “There goes negative Natalie again, give her time she will settle down”. Just remember You are not your thoughts.

Spend time with love ones who support you: I get it sometimes hearing it from yourself may not be enough, it is okay to have positive social interactions. Reach out to your family and friends who believe in you. Thinking about the people that are by your side at every turn, good or bad, lets you take a moment to reflect and realize “They believe in me, they believe I can overcome anything, they really love me”.

Implement Self-Compassion: If you struggle with self-doubt being your default mindset you may not have a clear method of handling failure. This behavior makes it harder on yourself. It is typically easier to avoid self-doubt when you have alternatives. Instead of beating yourself when you make a mistake, treat yourself the way your best friend would and be understanding. I have said it before if you wouldn’t talk to your best friend the same way when they reach for comfort from you than you should not do it to yourself. Everyone is worthy of compassion.

Embrace your self-doubt: Now Shay hold on! Wait Snatcher hear me out it sounds counterproductive and confusing but think about it. If you no longer see self-doubt as a threat to your well-being you will be less stressed. You do not need to be “friends” with self-doubt, but you do need to acknowledge it and be willing to have it from time to time. Afterwards refocus mind and energy on moving forward with your life. Implementing this consistently will lead to your brain being less reactive when self-doubt arises, and it helps you move past it.

Well, my lovely Snatchers those are my 5 tips to overcoming self-doubt. These are just a start and you can find plenty of other methods online via google academy hehe. I just hope you felt inspire to be okay with your flaws and that you do not feel alone. You are not alone in this department of struggle, self-defeat, and self-doubt. I am here for you! Take some time and tell me how you currently have been combating self-doubt or if any of these tips proved helpful!

See you around Snatchers!

Forever Always – Shay “Snatcher” Moore

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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Mar 01, 2021

Very, very well written! Totally agree with you!❤😁👍

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