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Bring More Love And Joy Into Your Life.

By Christine McLean

Your heart has the power to lift you to the sky, and allows you to feel love in every form. The energy of your heart is your soul connection to anything you experience; it is the purest part of your being.

The energy within hears all and perceives all yet it only accepts what it feels is true. There is a place in you where there is perfect peace, where your life has balance and where what you perceive, feel and experience is consistency with the love that you feel that brings reassurance to you. As you start to extend your understanding of your love you to will come to see the energy it holds, and how its vibration is there to support you in all that you do.

Can you feel your hearts intelligence, as the energy flow through your awareness. What does it feel like?.

Do you resonate with the ideas of the mind, or do you resonate with the ideas of love. To resonate is to allow the vibration of an understanding become who you are as a person. If we look at this for a moment. We learn all that we experience and we interpret is through the mind, although once we have internalised this information what happens to the information.

The science of this states:

“Internalisation is another term for endocytosis, in which molecules such as proteins are engulfed by the cell membrane and drawn into the cell to expand and create more life energy".

The energetic channels within the mind hold certain frequencies of information. When you experience new information that agrees with the ideas that already exist within the mind, these new channels are then accepted and the frequency grows, and life starts to expand, and becomes stronger and more developed.

To resonate and expand with the vibration is to be everything you succeed to be with joy. In this case to resonate within the love of you is to extend and accept the strongest tool you have on this earth “love”.

Love is to find the best ideas that support who you are and to continue growing your future experiences with these ideas in place to share in your love and add love and compassion to all that you experience.

Your awareness and sensory system are your intuitive guidance to your love and desire. When the mind, body and emotions are brought into a coherent alignment with the heart it becomes intuitive. You can then bring your ideas and knowledge to extend within your whole being, thereby bring empathy and compassion into your life one moment at a time.

Your senses provide you with the information to feel your emotions while your emotions allow you to uphold that which your heart feels is true, through your awareness of self.

Now you can intuitively guide yourself in each experience, to bring more joy to you and as you begin to experience the joy your heart provides you, you too will feel the vibration of who you truly are extend into all that you do.

What Is A Love Brain Connection?

1, When you thing of happy moments, how does your mind and body feel? 2, In your week, what brings you the most joy and rest? 3, How do you know when you're happy, what signals do you get? 4, Where in your day do you feel motivated to give more than is asked of you? 5, If love was an activity what would it involve?

When we feel love and joy, our hearts expand, our joy is felt by those around us and we feel free to give more.

Start today by finding ways to share your love


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