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Amplify Your Life Through The Law Of Attraction

By Christine McLean

I believe it’s your heart that gives you the desire to achieve each thought you have, your senses work to embrace your thoughts and your heart allows you to embrace all that you wish...Why you may ask? Because with each thought that you embrace, your heart opens up. You become light of energy, you become bright of thought, and you accept all that your heart feels, through the expansiveness of feeling joy.

As you become aware of your heart you will start to be able to read the signs that let you know you're doing what makes you happy.

As you start to direct thoughts through affirmations, positive mindset, gratitude, love and self drive and motivation you can feel into your heart intelligence.

Developing your hearts intelligence will give you direction in life and peace within your mind and in everything that is purposed for you.

“Your vibration and the love that you hold will guide you in every moment if you let it ”

When the heart opens, the body, mind and heart are truly magical, they work as one. Synchronicities start to form all around you.

The Law Of Attraction - is based on the ideas that people and their thoughts are made from "pure energy" and that a process of like energy attracting like energy exists though which a person can improve their health, wealth, and personal relationships. When your thoughts hold the energy and intelligence of your hearts desires you can amplify this energy to bring about more of what makes you happy.

As you connect to and expand your heart frequency, you can achieve. When you hold the correct frequency from within your desires match your internal hearts happiness, your vibrational frequency grows and starts to establish itself in the environment you inhabit. When you are connected to the power within you, you are automatically connected to the possibilities of who you most desire to be in your life. How will you let your magic your intelligence bring who you are to life? Where ever you go? When will your energy guide you to what feels right...

Listening to your heart will guide you, to all that you love and all there is for you to experience.


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