5 Amazing Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Looking Over You!

By Jacqueline Davieau

Every Sunday

Our guardian angels are with us all of the time. I am going to share with you 5 amazing signs your guardian angel is with you and watching over you!

We all have our own angel that is always looking out for us. Sometimes they give us signs they are near. They will never interfere with our free will, but at times they will give us clues that they are around.

Our angels only want the best for us, and for us to stay on our life’s purpose path. They will always support and love us unconditionally.

There are many ways that our angels support us, here are just a few.

  • They protect us from danger.

  • Guide us in the direction of our true-life purpose.

  • Support us in standing in our truths.

  • Create synchronicities and opportunities in our lives.

  • Comfort us in times of trouble.

  • Bring us messages of support and insight.

  • Help us to understand the deeper meaning of our life experiences.

  • Help us remember how we can be of service in the world.

I think that we can all agree that we have a guardian angel with us at all times, but how can you really tell?

They give us subtle signs, and when you know what to look for you will be blessed with unconditional love from your personal angel.

Here Are 5 Ways They Let Us Know They Are With Us.

An Overwhelming Feeling Of Peace And Warmth.

When your guardian angel is with you, you will feel a peaceful warmth surround your entire body. It is a warmth that comes from your soul.

This warmth will begin at your heart chakra. Angels use emotions to connect with us. They are speaking to us heart to heart.

This peaceful warmth will then surround your entire body.

The warmth in your heart chakra is also an indication that you are opening up to angelic communication.

Warmth And A Golden Light Around You

The second sign that an angel is near you is a feeling of warmth with a light around you.

This is something that many people experience during meditation. In their mind's eye, they see a bright white light flowing over them.

The white light is comforting and warm. It makes you feel protected and safe.

It is also common to feel sensations of tingling or pressure.

Seeing Sparkles Or Flashes Of Light

With the third sign that angels are near, you will physically see light or sparks.

I like to refer to this sign as 'Angel Sparks.'

This will generally take place in your peripheral vision. When this happens, it looks like a firecracker went off in the corner of your eye.

The first time I experienced this, I thought something was wrong with me.

It is also said that it is easier to see across the Veil, to the Spiritual Realm, with our peripheral vision.

Angel sparks are very bright! Gold, silver, and white are common colors from our angels.

You Start Receiving Strong Intuitive Messages

The fourth sign that your guardian angel is with you is that you begin to receive strong, intuitive messages.

The type of intuitive messages that your angel will send you will be anything that improves your life, or supports you in a loving way.

They communicate with us through our subconscious mind, so we may take these intuitive messages as our own thought.

Our angels will always guide us in the right direction, in a loving and supportive way.

Enhanced Senses

The fifth sign that your guardian angel is near is that your senses become heightened when they are connecting with you.

The moment that your angel begins connecting with you, you become more aware of your surroundings.

As soon as your angel touches you, it is as if all five of your senses come alive for the first time.

You feel the temperature around you, the smell of the air, you can taste in your mouth, and your hearing and vision are perfect!

When this takes place, just relax and be very observant. Use your senses to communicate with your angels.

Can you smell them?

Can you hear them?

Can you see them?

How do you feel at this moment? This is a wonderful opportunity to get to know your angel.

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