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Updated: Mar 5, 2021

By SoulSeeker

E2E Blogger

"I'm starting on my adventure of healing. I write mostly to help sort through my emotions and feelings that I struggle to communicate. If anything I write relates to you somehow. I hope you can take comfort knowing that you are not alone".

Soul seeker x

You, you were just something I would long for.

Until that day my heart learnt about unconditional love.

The moment I knew, my heart belonged to you.

Everything was quiet except for the sound of my beating heart and I knew, I knew it was beating for you.

You had your ways of showing me you were there. I had my ways to show you I cared.

Until one day, there was no early morning wake up call. I knew, I knew this wasn't like you.

I called over a one hundred times, I was told to relax, but I knew, I knew this wasn't like you.

A couple of days pass by and you still wasn't acting like you.

I'm in pain now and I know this isn't good for you.

Then they finally agreed

I could finally see you

But that day. On 16th December

That was the day when my heart learnt about true pain.

I would never see you.

I would never hold you.

I would never watch you grow.

You didn't belong here, you couldn't stay.

You would always be something I longed for. But I know you were so much more.

You, you are my angel baby 💜

By SoulSeeker ©

E2E Blogger


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