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I Just Want You To Know

By SoulSeeker

E2E Blogger

As a young child you held my hand

And wiped away my tears

You spoke of love, life, and dreams

And helped to ease my fears

Your passion for knowledge, love of food Your desire to learn, teach

And to help others whenever you could

You helped to inspire and form my life I will miss you, of course I would But I wanted you to know dad

By example you taught me good

I came and held your hands most nights To dream your dreams and make things right I know you gave your greatest fight I want you to know dad you are still my guiding light If I close my eyes and think with all my might I can see you coming round the bend

Your blue eyes shining bright I can remember the days you would carry me

And the deal we use to make "Walk to that lamp post then ill carry you

and give you a break" As we lay you to rest and watch you go

Dad, I just want you to know I love you with all of me

But in heaven I know you are soaring free Even though it’s not spoken enough

I appreciate all you did do I hold in my heart our image, so clear I want you to know Dad

In my heart you’ll be so true Nothing but love, light and peace

Are my wishes for you this day I want you to know dad, this I what I pray And sometime in the future

We will meet again

To talk about all the things we have done

And the memories that will never fade away

By SoulSeeker ©

E2E Blogger

"I'm starting on my adventure of healing. I write mostly to help sort through my emotions and feelings that I struggle to communicate. If anything I write relates to you somehow. I hope you can take comfort knowing that you are not alone".


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