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What Are You Afraid Of?

Marc Chabrier ©

Artwork Credit - Marc Chabrier ©

What are you afraid of? Each of us has something or many things we are afraid of. But it makes me wonder why we could be afraid of something so much that we just stall. We stall and don’t pull the trigger on a certain goal that we are looking to meet. Even if it’s something that we really want.

For me, it has been an interesting rollercoaster over time of putting myself out there when I know I should. I am a very confident person or at least I believe I am. There is a strong belief in the things I do and I am always trying to move the needle forward. My head is held high and I look at people in their eyes with respect, so what the heck man!

As some of you know I love art, I am an artist. That last part I seem to struggle with. Yeah for real, I get a bit nervous actually saying that I am an artist. Why? I don’t really know for sure. I believe it’s a bit of self-esteem issues with it. See in other areas of my life things aren’t like that. (Insert sly plug here: Hey, have you guys not noticed all the cool art for sale on RidiculouslyEnjoyLife.com? Please pause for a cause and rewind to the SHOP Tab, then click on the art of your choice, followed by please purchase now! Thank you guys!).

Wow, that was actually a lot easier than I thought! I feel pretty good about taking another step in the right direction. Like I said this has been a bit of a struggle, because I know I am pretty good at what I do but still lack the confidence to really pitch to others. My lovely girl just called me out on it and I am extremely grateful to her. She inspires me to be better every day. She has this wonderful belief in what I do and only wants me to succeed in all my endeavors.

Something many don’t know about me is that I have Small Fiber Neuropathy which is where my hands and feet are numb. Nerve damage in short. With this, it makes it a bit difficult to feel the paintbrushes, etc. I haven’t let it stop me and when the pandemic started I jumped in headfirst. Are we still in COVID? I can’t tell these days, I still see people walking around with scuba gear on. LOL Since I have trouble feeling with my hands I decided to force myself to really try things that require precision more. A perfect example is the artwork.

Artwork Credit - Marc Chabrier ©

My hands sometimes get pretty shaky when I am painting so I don’t always feel that the art comes out as great as it should have. And yeah sometimes I do mess up and have to start all over again, but that’s ok it’s just a canvas board. Sometimes I actually get super creative with whatever perceived mess that I created. I think many call this rolling with the punches.


I want you guys to know that being afraid of something is ok, but don’t let it spoil your happiness. Don’t get tied down and defined by your fears. Look at your fears as information, then try to face them. Little by little, piece by piece you will overcome it. Be Brave you got this! Hopefully, you guys have someone special in your lives that can inspire you as I do. If you don’t you always have us here at REL! We are here for you!


Can you be vulnerable enough to admit what you are afraid of?


About Marc

Hi, I’m Marc! Father, photographer, exotic car lover, progressive learner, and an all-around good guy with a cartoon-like personality.

I am so glad you arrived here! If you are present and accounted for because you are looking to create a better life for yourself than you are in the right spot. At Ridiculously Enjoy Life we help you learn how to achieve happiness in your life in different ways. When I started this journey, it began out of necessity. My life was crazy, man! I now have been able to transform myself into the person I want to be.

Helping others makes me happy and by creating Ridiculously Enjoy Life, it has given me the opportunity to help on a grander scale.

Help me help you, so we can help each other.


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
May 26, 2022

Well written 😊

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