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Turn Off All The Screens

Artist - The New Consistent

Filmed by: Jacky P


Photography - Andrew Busby - @Andrew_busby_photo

"I'm a West Midlands based rapper, specialising in alternative hiphop, focusing specifically on conscious, emotive lyrics over 90s/early 00s hiphop inspired beats. This track in particular emphasises the need to express emotion, and openly talk about emotion, even in the roughest of times. Having knowledge of how you are on a daily basis and reflecting on this is important, and I found that more than ever writing this. It’s very bona fide, as is a lot of my work and I hope listening to it can evoke emotions in you that maybe you’d kept bottled up or not spoken aloud about, therefore encouraging you to do so more!"

Benjamin Ramsay - The New Consistent

Turn off All The Screens - Youtube

“Wordsmith Ben Ramsay raps a series of kitchen sink dramas with understated lyrical elegance. On songs Rude Boys, Three Years and Greta Oto, he explores the dysfunctional relationships of families, lovers and friends, mining magic from the mundane, while offering us an escape route via the melodic and infectious choruses of Turn Off All The Screens and the song from which he takes his name, The New Consistent. It’s intelligent and challenging stuff, full of character and personality, and I love it.”

- Stephen Pennell, Birmingham Press

Thank you The New Consistent for sharing your expression. I'm sure many followers will relate to this song. For more information on where you can download music from The New Consistent - please check out the links



Photography by Paul Moreau ©

Taken at the Mother's Ruin in Bristol, UK


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