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Music Video - The Good Side Of Town.

Music Artist - Payton Gosse ©

Video produced by Madsen Media Productions

Lyrics by Payton Gosse

Vocals and guitars by Payton Gosse


The Good Side of Town -- Music Video - YouTube

My name is Payton Gosse. I'm from Kenosha, Wisconsin. Having a passion for poetry and songwriting led me to write and record my debut album.

I got my degree in English Writing at Viterbo University, and won the Newman Award for Best Senior Thesis. By studying metaphors, rhymes, prosody, dialects, and where consonants and vowels are voiced in the mouth, I learned to write more musically.

In writing songs, poems, and a film script, I developed an interest in acting. After taking a couple of acting classes, I got into the mindset of the characters in my songs. I enjoyed understanding their internal conflict and felt more connected to my lyrics.

The Good Side of Town - YouTube

With the recent riots in Kenosha, playing live has its safety concerns. The riots also influenced how my debut single, The Good Side of Town, is interpretted. What once was a satire for thrill-seeking impoverished neighborhoods turned into a reality.

I continue to play open mics, spreading the joy of music, and writing songs for my next album.

To listen to more of Payton's music, head over to his album link below -

Written and Performed by Payton Gosse ©


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