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The Beautiful Scars

Salinda Therik ©

We were born into this world that is full of dreams, expectations, and wishes. Everybody wants to have a beautiful and smooth journey, to feel cared for, loved, valued, and respected. We will always be expecting the best things to happen. Well, that’s totally fine and that’s called being a human.

I do believe that each parent has their own ways to teach and loved their children. Some are very flexible and gentle and some are very strict and tough. We should respect their decisions, ways, and their acts of love toward their children no matter what. Our parents have their own struggles and past too. As a child, we need to understand that they do have flaws and imperfections that we can learn from it.

That lesson learned accompanying us till the death do us part. It’s a beautiful journey, isn’t it?

The way we were raised is very crucial and gives us a kind of memory called “childhood”.

Now, we found ourselves not in childhood moment, but in time to be independent, explore the world, face a different level of challenge, meet a lot of people who has different story, work and get a salary, chase our dreams, travel with a purpose, to settle down and sooner or later to have a family.

I don’t know what kind of childhood you might have had, but what I had was very unique and it affected my journey of maturity. There were some moments when I experienced a missing space, an empty cup, speechlessness, disappointment, bully, and brokenness too. I am one of the women who have scars too. It was not easy at all and, not that easy folks! But, I choose to embrace it gracefully and gratefully.

I’m not writing a fairytale or a dreamy story, it’s a reality and a living-proof story.

I will boast in my weakness.

The scars that I have are very beautiful and each time I look at them and remember them, I thank God for helping me every single day, to strengthens me, educating me, being a presence at my darkest hours, and shaping me through each process in my life.

Each scar has its own stories and testimonials. Physical and Physiological scars are noticeable and perceived by the naked eye, isn’t it? Then how about Psychological Scars? Do we aware of the difference? How to treat those scars? What should we do?

Well let’s find out together,

According to Sandeep Pareira through his new programs at UpGrad with a demonstrated history of working in the EdTech industry:

Physiology Studies the Body, Psychology Studies the Mind.

Physiology as a field is all about the body, how it works, or rather, what makes it work. When looking specifically at physiology, a student understands the various functions of the body, including metabolic functions, digestion, respiration, blood circulation, movement, as well as muscle and bone structure, to mention a few things.

Physiology also looks at different animals as well and compares the structural layout of humans with that of various animals to see how certain functions stack up.

Psychology on the other hand is primarily about the human mind. A psychology student spends time trying to understand what kinds of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are learned by a particular person and how they are implemented through their actions.

In this sense, a psychology student primarily tries to understand all the different kinds of data that goes into the mind of a person, and how that person understands this data. This is where different schools of psychology come in, and the various approaches that psychology students learn to go into making sense of human behavior.

What is psychology?

According to the American Psychological Association (APA), psychology is the science that studies the mind and human behavior, including both conscious and unconscious phenomena, feelings, and thoughts.

This discipline is born with the need to understand the role of mental functions and individual and social behavior, while exploring the physiological and biological processes that underlie cognitive functions and behaviors, hence its close relationship with physiology.

Through the empirical method researchers in psychology study behavior and mental processes, which include perception, cognition, attention, emotions and affects, and personality, inferring causal relationships and correlations between the different psychological and psychosocial variables.

Although psychological knowledge is usually applied to the evaluation and treatment of problems or conditions of a mental nature, it is also aimed at understanding and solving problems in various spheres of human life, such as academics, work environments, sports, and even the media and forensic investigations.

Anxiety weighs down the heart, but a kind word cheers it up.

Do you know that our tongue has a certain type of tissue that does not scar when it is torn? In fact, our tongue does not have scar tissue. I might don’t know how many times you might bite your tongue and hurt yourself, Our Creator has fixed it so that the tongue can virtually repair itself, and when it does, it leaves no scar. However, the only scar that the tongue could possibly leave is when you use the tongue to speak against your siblings, friends, and neighbors. It does not leave a physical scar, but it still leaves a scar.

We might have some sort of physical scar on our bodies from sports, wounds, surgical cuts, war wounds, or accidents, but what about the emotional scars? It’s easy to see physical scars and wounds, isn’t it? We can see if the scars are old or new, whether the wounds need to be stitched by a doctor or whether the use of a Band-Aid would be enough. But emotional wounds and scars are not as easy to detect. Some emotional scars and wounds are in desperate need of treatment but have been ignored for years. Ignoring these types of scars and wounds may result in serious psychological damage. It is important to not only recognize when you have emotional wounds but also know what is needed to heal the hurt. Many of us hold on to situations, circumstances thoughts, mindsets, and trauma long after it has become obvious we are still being damaged long after the event has occurred. All because scars are like that they are reminders of something unpleasant, they are reminders of hurt and pain, trials and tribulations.

Our scars remind us not to make the same mistake again, you’ve heard it said that we learn from our mistakes. In other words, it is so bad to make a mistake as long as we do them over and over again and God is able to use our failures to make us stronger.

Theodore Roosevelt said, “The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything.”

Edison spent more than $100,000 to obtain 6000 different fiber specimens, and only three of them proved satisfactory. Each failure brought him that much closer to the solution to his problems. His friend Henry Ford was right when he said that failure was the “opportunity to begin again, more intelligently.”

The scars remind us that every time we doubt, fear, and hurt – we can be healed.

But the question will be ”are we ready to be changed, healed, processed, restored, set free, and transformed?

The answer will lead us to a better direction or the worst direction. So be careful with your decisions and don’t take them for a granted. Life is highly precious.

From every wound, there is a scar, and every scar tells a story, a story that says “ I have survived”.

However, an emotional wound cannot heal without forgiveness. Unforgiveness and bitterness are like an infection, without them you will not recover. You must forgive others, you must forgive yourself too. Once you forgive and be forgiven, the next step is sharing your story – your scars can actually bless those around you without pointing fingers or venting and can help others, warning them away from a bad relationship or an unwise decision. It may even save someone’s life. Forgive fully, forgive freely, and forgive forever!

Turn your wounds into wisdom.

I know that these words will create a different perspective, but when we try to think about it and understand it deeper, surely we will be on the same book and the same page. From the wounds – scars, we learn to have acceptance, respect the difference, deliver forgiveness and humbleness, choose peace instead of unnecessary arguments that will lead to a useless fight, love ourselves and others, and appreciate all the things we have and we don’t have.

The wounds -scars as an opportunity for us to appreciate life and to remind us that we are overcomers.

Thank you...

For every wound – a scar that speaks the truth.

For every wound – a scar that tells the dark secret.

For every wound – a scar provides the family’s needs.

For every wound – a scar that shares unconditional love.

For every wound – a scar prepares and serves delicious food.

For every wound – a scar that gave freedom to the captives.

For every wound – a scar that building amazing skyscrapers.

For every wound – a scar creates new hope and motivation.

For every wound – a scar gives forgiveness to those who hurt it.

For every wound – a scar that delivers newborn life to this world.

For every wound – a scar that fights with massive fire to save people.

For every wound – a scar that creates and designs wonderful textiles.

Don’t let your scars make you stuck and stop you to live your present and welcome your future. Not to be forgotten, every scar has a story and there is a blessing in healing.

I choose not to minimize, revise, or cover them and I thank God for my scars

~Salinda Sadukh Ekha Therik~


Salinda Sadukh Ekha Therik


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
02 de dez. de 2022

The best life lessons come from our scars.

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